Updated: Improved Worldwide Benchmarks

Exclusively for Popular Chips users, we are releasing today a revised and improved version of our WorldWide Benchmarks.

The new version is directly accessible from the platform (no external PDF to download), and features:

  • Tiered influencers, with two different sets for Small and Large countries
  • New Metrics: Local Followers and Female Followers
  • A quick-to use country selector
  • Faster updates, on a monthly basis instead of quarterly

The tiers applied for Small countries are:

  • <50k
  • 50k to 200k
  • 200k to 500k
  • 500k +

The tiers applied for Large countries are:

  • <100k
  • 100k to 500k
  • 500k to 1M
  • 1M+

You can use the revised benchmarks to gather even more granular information about influencers in your target markets



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