#IGPoll: Who did it better, influencers or brands?

Instagram interactive polls were just introduced and these influencers as well as brands are showing us how its done! Are you giving polls a try yet?

The latest Instagram stories feature – polls, were just officially released 2 days ago and you can already see everyone talking about it. Avid users quickly jumped onto using it to interact with their friends/ followers, asking opinions on meals and outfits etc.

However, influencers are not the only ones here. Some brands have been quick to react and became the fastest adapters of the latest Instagram stories feature. These brands are proving the endless possibilities for polls to create different brand IG story experience that excites and engages with your audience.

Here we captured some of the best examples from both influencers and brands before they are gone! Read on and see who did it better, influencers or brands?


Well known fashion Influencer and business woman @chiaraferragni using poll to ask for her followers’ opinion on her accessories and outfit.

LIfestyle influencers @weartoeatiff (Taiwan) and @melissackoh (Singapore) asking their followers for their preference for their next Youtube video.

Cause food is life. @bellywellyjelly and @babyariel seeking some deep thoughts regarding life’s greatest choices – food.



Beauty brand @iloveskininc asking their followers for their packaging preference. Sports brand @reebokwomen created a series of themed outfits with their sports wear and asked followers if they would give them a try.

@goproanz and @goprojp asking their fans on what they hope to see featured next!

Fashion brands (@theclosetlover – Singapore) and @asos engages with their followers by asking them for some fashion opinions!

Food again! In light of the #nationaltacoday, @cocacola and @tacobell just had to ask their followers some of the most important questions in life – hard or soft taco shells?

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