I Have #NoTearsLeftToCry

The Beginning of a New Ariana Grande Era

In preparation for the new #AG4 album, my playlist for the past week has been filled with nothing but Ariana Grande songs. It would be a complete understatement to label me as a run-of-the-mill fan of the pop superstar. I have been keeping up with her since her days as Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon. I am an ARIANATOR.

Arianators (devoted fans of the singer, Ariana Grande) all over the world celebrated her return to the music scene after a hiatus of several months. The singer took a break last year to re-energize and collect herself after the traumatic bombing incident that took place at her Manchester Arena concert but not before she teased her fans with a tweet in the last moments of 2017. Hinting at a new album coming in 2018, the pop superstar tweeted “See you next year”.

Fast forward 4 months later, on April 20th 2018, Ariana Grande dropped her latest lead single “No Tears Left To Cry” from her 4th studio album and the internet responded.

Graph of Ariana Grande’s follower growth on Instagram [generated via Popular Chips‘s proprietary platform].
Her plateauing follower base on Instagram grew in anticipation of the new album and spiked upwards after her lead single was released, increasing by about 293 000 followers in April alone.

The singer’s successful comeback can also be seen in her recent slew of top photos, all of which were in the month of April and not coincidentally, mostly around the April 20th period.

The #AG4 hype was taken to new levels when the singer leaked a snap (which was later deleted) on Snapchat that had names of big players in today’s pop scene leading to many of her fans freaking out and speculating if those were the collaborations in the upcoming album. In the article written by Capital FM on the 25th of April, followers of the singer’s Snapchat account pointed out a blurry list of artist names which included the Queen of Rap, Nicki Minaj, as well as The Weeknd.

The effects of that leak can be seen directly on her number of followers in that 3 day span.

Follower count from the 23rd to the 25th of April [table generated via Popular Chips‘s proprietary platform].
Fans everywhere were rightfully excited and #AG4 became the unofficial hashtag for the pop singer’s newest album.

And then, it happened.

Right when her follower growth started to plateau, the multi-talented songbird (and her genius publicists, if I may say so myself) shocked fans and stirred up the music industry yet again when she went on Jimmy Fallon‘s talkshow and name dropped the title of the album –

*Drumroll and fanatical screaming*


This is it, you guys. #AG4 is now #SWEETENERISCOMING.

This piece of news was released less than 24 hours ago and everyone has already started using the #SweetenerIsComing hashtag.

Could we also take a minute to appreciate this exciting change from #AG4 to #SweetenerIsComing in beautiful graphs?

Posts made on Instagram with the hashtag #AG4 [generated via Popular Chips‘s proprietary platform].
The world knows that #AG4 is now #Sweetener, evidently shown from that decrease in the number of posts made for #AG4 and the massive upward spike for #Sweetener and #SweetenerIsComing.

Posts made on Instagram with the hashtag #AG4 [generated via Popular Chips‘s proprietary platform].
Just take a look at that jump in the number of uses of the hashtags #Sweetener and #SweetenerIsComing (of course, keeping in mind that people might tag condiments with the former hashtag)!

The only thing that fans can do now is to patiently wait for new updates and the album release in summer.

even whennnn it’s rainin down

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Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go scream into a pillow and attempt to contain my overwhelming excitement.

Truly, and for good reasons, I have #NoTearsLeftToCry.

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