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If you enjoyed shows like Stranger Things, Atypical, On My Block etc. you probably would have already binged the entire season of I Am Not Okay With This, featuring a stellar cast and storyline. It is a sensitive, funny, coming-of-age drama — a genre that is increasingly growing in popularity on Netflix. As one of the Top 10 shows ranked by Netflix, let’s take a closer look at the characters and the actors who play them. 

1 — Sydney Novak – Sophia Lilis | 2.5M Followers

Lilis plays Sydney Novak, the main character who discovers she has telekinetic abilities. For those of you who are wondering, it’s the same impressive superpower Eleven from Stranger Things has (the one that allows her to use her mind to influencer/move objects and also make her nose bleed). 

In real life, Lilis’s audience growth is pretty impressive as well. 

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In February alone she gained 456.6K followers, which put her average audience growth at 22.04%. 

If that isn’t amazing enough, her average Engagement Rate has also been steadily increasing since the beginning of the year. It is currently at 13.7%, which is more than 4 times the average for celebrity influencers. 

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Here is her Top Performing post of this year. 

Look familiar? That’s telekinesis for you. 

2 — Stanley Barber – Wyatt Oleff | 2.4M Followers

Sophia’s co-star is Wyatt Oleff whom you might know from the horror film It. In this show he plays Sydney’s neighbour, friend. Like Lillis, he has also experienced very quick audience growth, and a much steeper climb. 

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He has gained more than 400K followers since the start of the year, and his average audience growth is currently at 20.97%. Unsurprisingly, he also has a very international following, including countries like the US, Brazil, Italy, as well as the Philippines and Japan in Asia. 

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A cool thing you might not know about Oleff is that he was actually sponsored by Nintendo last year as a part of their #MyWayToPlay campaign. He is so awkwardly funny. Here is the Instagram post for it which got a 6.04% Engagement Rate, double the average for celebrity influencers. 

3 — Dina – Sofia Bryant | 163.9K Followers

Next up is Sofia Bryant who plays Sydney’s best friend and romantic interest, Dina. And if you thought the first two audience growth charts were stellar, take a look at this one:

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At the start of February she had 24K followers and by the end she had 163K, which effectively is a 556% increase. Her content on Instagram is a cross between curated but also unfiltered and candid, which is perhaps what makes her so relatable. 

Like the others, she’s got a diverse follower base with a majority residing in the US. 

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Bryant is technically still considered a micro-influencer, but at the rate she’s going, we won’t be surprised to see her grow even bigger and perhaps even land a couple of brand ambassador gigs. 

4 — Maggie Novak – Kathleen Rose Perkins | 14.4K Followers 

Fourth in the main cast crew is Kathleen Perkins who plays Sydney’s widowed mother. She is the nano influencer of the quartet, and also reflects a slightly older following. 

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The majority of Perkins’s Top Performing posts on Instagram feature her co-stars or are related to the show. 

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But occasionally we do get a glimpse of her personal life, like this adorable selfie with her husband. 

Little known fact: Perkins has a soft spot for birds, as evident from these hashtags she uses. 

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