How to Send Your YouTube Subscribers to Instagram?

4 Tips to grow your Instagram following

You are a YouTube star with many popular videos that have managed to pique the minds and captivate the hearts of many. They have earned you over a million subscribers and a Gold YouTube Play Button but what puzzles you is  why does your Instagram account not match that immense number? Is it because your subscribers do not use Instagram or are just not bothered with your Instagram page?

In fact, the problems may actually be quite straightforward and here I will be sharing with you 4 simple mistakes you might be making that might be holding your Instagram account back.

1. Instagram profile not linked to the homepage of your YouTube channel

Did you know that you can display your Instagram link on the top right section of your YouTube channel’s home page? Your subscribers may be keen to follow your social media accounts but it is simply too cumbersome to manually search on Instagram.

The link to the Instagram profile displayed at the top right section of the channel’s home page.

By displaying the link on your YouTube channel’s homepage, subscribers will have a more intuitive way to reach your Instagram profile when they visit your channel’s home page. Here is how you can do so!

Step 1: Go to your channel’s customization page and click on “Edit links”

Step 2: Click on “Customize Channel”




Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of the page

Step 4: Enter “Instagram” in the “Link title” box, enter your Instagram profile URL into the “URL” box and save it

2. Link created connects to the wrong URL

You have already linked your Instagram to your YouTube channel, thought everything was perfect, however, where’s the huge stream of Instagram followers you had been expecting? It could be due to an incorrect link being entered, such as simply Don’t laugh, yes it might sound unlikely but it could happen to some and it will lead straight to the user’s Instagram feed or login page.

Another reason could be due to misspelling the Instagram profile URL when manually typing it into the YouTube link, especially, if the Instagram handle is complicated. For example, for @wahbananasg , if the ‘sg’ or ‘h’ is missing when entering the link, it could result in no profile being found or even bring the audience to another user’s profile.

3. Video description does not include Instagram details

How can you further increase the traffic to your Instagram page? Ensure that each of your video descriptions contain links to your Instagram account. This allows not just subscribers but all viewers of the video to be able to conveniently access your Instagram profile. Most viewers may not go all the way to your YouTube home page so displaying a link in the video description makes it more intuitive for viewers to reach your Instagram profile which in turn raises the likeliness of them clicking it.

Also, ensure that you do not just display the handle (e.g. @wahbananasg) but the URL ( This will increase their ease of access to your profile as it will just be a simple click away.

WahBanana’s YouTube video descriptions only show the Instagram handles.
Naomi Neo’s YouTube video descriptions include direct Instagram links of all the involved influencers.

4. Instagram profile URL not updated on YouTube

Looking to attract a trendier crowd or to keep up with the competition, you decided to change your Instagram handle to a cooler, more chic one. However, this eventually resulted in a smaller growth of followers than before and you ask yourself, “Do people not like my new handle?”. But fret not, because the problem may actually be because you forgot to change the Instagram link displayed in your various other platforms such as YouTube. The old URL would have been obsolete and clicking on it would merely bring it to a blank page informing users that the page is unavailable.

 If you are still unconvinced that these may be the reasons for the insubstantial growth of your Instagram following, take a look at the following example of popular YouTube duo Jayesslee (comprising of Janice Lee and Sonia Lee). Despite having a massive YouTube following of 2.1 M, their Instagram accounts, @thejanicelee and @thesonilee, has not enjoyed the same fame with only 258 K and 333 K followers respectively. This is likely as a result of not promoting the Instagram profile on their YouTube channel both on the homepage and also in the video descriptions of each of their videos.

If you are a budding YouTube star wondering why your Instagram following isn’t growing, check if you have made any of these mistakes and see whether you can get your Instagram following to multiply!

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