How to create the perfect Instagram post for your Influencer Marketing campaign

So, you chose the best influencer for your next Influencer Marketing campaign and now you need to focus on how to create the post in order to get the best out of your investment.

While the perfect photo and caption can only be studied for each particular campaign, there are a few generic tips you might want to keep in mind in order to get the best engagement possible from your campaign.

1. Learn from the past

Any Influencer’s audience is usually accustomed to a certain style and a certain content, reacting quite similarly to similar posts. This means that studying what posts gained the most likes and comments in the past and taking inspiration from those post style, will greatly enhance the possibility of a successful Influencer Marketing campaign.

The fastest way to do so is to employ an advanced Influencer Analytics software like Popular Chips Insights; within the “Top Posts” report it’s possible to identify very quickly the best posts of any influencer, grouped by month, week or day if you really want to get into details.

Taylor Swift's top posts
Taylor Swift’s top posts

The manual way would be to do the same exact analysis by looking at the Influencers’ photos one by one. Just open the Influencer’s Instagram account from your desktop/laptop and quickly hover the pictures with your mouse to see the ones that received the most likes/comments. Open them in a new tab and keep them there until you can find some that have more interactions. Keep going for at least 2-3 months but don’t bother going forward, the best stats are usually the most recent ones.

Having the most liked and commented posts at hand, evaluate the possibility to use the same photo style for your own campaign. This will ensure continuity within the Influencer’s feed and will diminish the possibility that the audience will discard the post as mere advertisement.

2. Choose the right moment to post

We know that there are general rules regarding when to post on Instagram to gain the best results. But these generic rules are based on a global audience and so many Instagram accounts that they can not be true for every country, every timezone and every influencer.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to analyze the Influencer you engaged to find out when is the best time to post for his/her audience in particular. Again, the best way to do so is by using Popular Chips Insights Analytics platform and looking at the report “Post Performance”.

A quick look at the first two tables of the report will ensure your understanding of the best day and the best time to post. The report shows the times already translated in your own Timezone so you can easily share them with the rest of your team.

Best days to post
Best days to post
Best times to post
Best times to post


The manual alternative is a bit time-consuming and requires some advanced-browser-usage skills. My suggestion would be to take the posts you manually selected as the top ones above and check their publication date and time as follows:

  • Open the single post in a new tab (for example:
  • Right-click on the date (eg: 2w or 1h)
     Screenshot from 2016-05-07 14-50-09
  • From the contextual menu click “Inspect” or “Inspect this Element”
  • Now you should see the Inspector window, where you can see the exact time and date as shown below
     Screenshot from 2016-05-07 14-49-54

Of course the manual way is definitely more imprecise as it takes in consideration a very small sample of the Influencer’s posts, but it can give you a general idea on when to post.

Knowing the best time and day to post you can start scheduling your campaign with the influencer.

3. Choose the caption together with the Influencer

Don’t send a pre-made text to the Influencers to use for the caption; instead, involve them in the decision process. In 90% of the cases, they know their audience better and they are capable of involving them in a way that your marketing research can not easily figure out.

Furthermore, the more they write, the more personal the message will feel and the less the post will be considered as pure advertising.

What we usually do at Popular Chips, is to come up with at least 5 example captions, send them to the influencers and ask for their suggestions and opinion. They will choose one of the five ones, refine it, add a personal touch and send it back for approval from us and the client.

Once the text have been outlined it’s time to look for tags.

Depending on the Influencer’s usual average likes, you should aim for the most widely used tags or not. If, for example, the Influencer usually receives 2.000/3.000 likes per post, it’s probably not a good strategy to use tags like #fashion as the post won’t reach the top posts section and will be quickly lost in the recent ones. In this case, aim for more particular tags where you are sure you will get among the top posts and stay there for a while.


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