How to choose the next influencer for your campaign

Metrics is the key

Looking for the next great influencer for your marketing campaign? There are a couple of aspects you should check out before embarking on your adventure.

You are probably targeting a single country with your campaign; are you sure that the audience of the influencers you have shortlisted is mainly from that country?

One of the top strength of Instagram is without any doubts its international outreach; but this strength also implies that audiences are very spread around the world. Especially in English-speaking countries, it is difficult to maintain a local audience as followers from other countries take quite a chunk of one’s audience.

Take as an extreme example Singapore: as the official language is English, most of the influencers write their posts in English attracting, therefore, followers from Australia, UK, US. Moreover, as Singapore is very influential among neighboring countries, many Malaysians and Indonesians follow Singaporean influencers. And, when you look at real demographic data of Singapore influencers, you find out that only 25%-35% or their followers are from Singapore.

Take a look below, this is a typical scenario from a Singaporean influencer as studied by Popular Chips Insights.

demographics_country (2)

In a less traumatic way, this is true for every country and influencer in the world. Countries with a local-only language and influencers that post exclusively in that language are the exception. For example Indonesian or Malaysian celebrities often have more than 95% of followers from their own respectively countries.

You have heard that Instagram audience is getting older but teenagers are still the main public. Are you sure that your age target is reached by the chosen influencer?

It’s true, teenagers have been the early adopters of Instagram but the audience is really getting older and even brands looking for a more adult public can find their own niche.

Let’s be honest, when we receive briefs of campaigns with target 40+ it’s sometimes difficult to find the right influencer but we are getting there.

Here’s an example that should clear all doubts: Taylor Swift’s Audience Age Distribution.

demographics_age (2)

As you can see, people up to 18 years old cover 39% of her public but the adults (25+) are the 33%. A typical fashion campaign for non-teen related brands usually targets 25+ and knowing that more than 30% of Taylor’s audience is in that target should reassure that it is possible to reach that type of audience.

How good are those followers?

Thinking for a moment that 100% of an influencer’s audience is real and active can be delusive. How many of those followers are active and how many are just there to top up the fee you’re paying?

Instagram is booming and a lot of people joined in via Facebook without actually using it. So how can a brand understand if an influencer’s audience is active or not?

The best way is to check out their followers’ activity and see how much they have posted or how many followers they each have (yes, followers of followers is a followers-ception).

Followers of Followers:

Screenshot from 2016-04-28 11-48-24

The above chart shows a typical scenario for an average influencer. As you can see most of the followers have less than 2,500 followers, but that’s normal. The average user mostly interacts with friends and expands his/her audience slowly. Our focus should be on the <10 followers and <100 followers numbers. A person who has less than 10 followers is highly probable an inactive account (or worse) and a person with less than 100 followers might be someone who really doesn’t use Instagram on a daily basis and, hence, could definitely miss seeing your sponsored one-post campaign.

Followers’ posts

Screenshot from 2016-04-28 11-50-52

Here you can see a not-so-normal situation regarding followers’ posts. This chart clearly shows that this influencer’s audience is composed mostly by people who don’t post. Although it is true that many people use Instagram mainly to check on celebrities and influencers’ latests, it’s very rare to find someone who has posted less than 5 pictures. If you keep using Instagram, you post something once in a while and having 24% of the influencer’s audience with less than 5 published posts is a strong warning of how inactive the audience is.

I am scared now, I don’t want to do my campaign anymore!

Don’t be that person. The truth about influencer-based advertising is that the market has already, subconsciously, fixed this problem on its own through affordable fees and influencers that really know how to engage their audience. So take a deep breath, check the influencers with whom you are planning to work – possibly with a comprehensive Analytic Tool like Popular Chips Insights – to be aware of your investment.

The problem is not investing on an influencer who just has 50% of the audience from your target country. The problem is investing without knowing it.


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