How Successful Is The Luisa Via Roma Fashion Show?

An in-depth analysis of the Carine Roitfeld x Luisa Via Roma 90th Anniversary Runway Show

This year marks the 90th anniversary of Luisa Via Roma and in light of the big celebration, the Italian luxury retailer collaborated with Carine Roitfeld, the ex-French Vogue editor turned owner of CR Fashion Book to create the CR x LVR show that happened on June 13 (GMT +2). (More on the fashion show found here)

5 Days after the show, we’d like to go back and break down the success of CRxLVR through our social media analysis, paying particular attention to what this fashion show did for Luisa Via Roma and CR Fashion Book


We analyze a total of 46 prominent models, influencers and musicians who participated in the fashion show, 5 hashtags including the core hashtag #crxlvr, #crrunway and #luisaviaroma and the core accounts @luisaviaroma and @crfashionbook. (Thus, User Generated Content (UGC) will not be included in this analysis).


Here is the overview of the fashion show:

Live report of CRxLVR, provided by Popular Chips

From June 11 to June 17, the campaign saw a potential reach of 114.7 million people and the 46 influencers published a total of 96 pictures and videos and a further count of 175 stories during the event, all of which has any of the 5 hashtags or the 2 accounts listed in the parameter above.

The total interactions (including Video Views) added up to 8.9 million while the total engagement (Likes & Comments) generated was 4.4 million.

Views and Likes from June 12-16, provided by Popular Chips

As with any other short campaigns, the bulk of the interaction happened from the 13-15 June, during the event and shortly after the event (to make up for time zone differences), making up about ¾ of the total interaction.

Social listening analysis on #CRxLVR and #CRrunway,provided, by Popular Chips

Moreover, a total of 537 influencers talked about the fashion show (using #CRxLVR and #CRrunway only), with at least 1,300 posts with the 2 tags published between June 13-15. Talk about buzz!

Share Of Voice (engagement):

Share of Voice (engagement), provided by Popular Chips

Here are the top 5 influencers with the highest share of voice in terms of engagement:

  1. Gigi Hadid: The show opener brought in 42.08% of the fashion show’s total engagement.
  2. Bella Hadid: The baby sister of Gigi Hadid follows closely with 29.46%.
  3. Alessandra Ambrosio: The Brazilian bombshell takes 3rd place with 5.53%.
  4. Chiara Biasi: Fashion blogger Chiara Biasi contributes for 3.27% of the total engagement.
  5. Stella Maxwell: VS Angel Stella Maxwell is in 5th place with 2.96%.

However, having a larger share of the pie is insufficient to show the efficacy of an individual. Thus, we also analysed influencers with the top increases in engagement:

Individual Influencer Analysis:

1. @KarolinaKurkova

Influencer with top engagement, provided by Popular Chips

A top model best-known for being a former VS model, @karolinakurkova is vibing with the LVR theme ‘Throwback to the 90s’ as her post with her other top model BFFs of the 2000s era sees an increase of a staggering 126.64% in engagement.

2. @gildaambrosio

Influencer with top engagement, provided by Popular Chips

Italian street style icon turned fashion designer Gilda Ambrosio is not to be messed with too. With a colossal increase of 123% in engagement, her presence at the Luisa Via Roma is to be expected and her audience was definitely feeling her in that show-stopping red stilettos and that luxurious sequin dress.

3. @greta_varlese

Influencer with top engagement, provided by Popular Chips

This Italian ‘powerhouse’ model received a commendable 100.64% increase in engagement with her plunging neckline mini dress at the Luisa Via Roma after party that night.

In general, top influencers of the 2000s era also saw heightened engagement rates like:

@alessandraambrosio (+0.15% in average engagement rates)

Campaign analysis of @alessandraambrosio, provided by Popular Chips

and @karolinakurkova (+0.21% in average engagement rates)

Campaign analysis of @karolinakurkova, provided by Popular Chips

Showing that the audience was definitely keen on reminiscing about the 90s (and into the 2000s) looks with these veterans of the modelling World. It was most definitely a great move by Luisa Via Roma to cast experienced runway models with younger, fresh models such as Gigi and Bella Hadid and it leads to even heightened brand awareness throughout the differing generations. To exemplify my case is the target audience’s age range.

Audience Age Demographics:

Audience demographics by age, provided by Popular Chips

The campaign reaches mainly to audience members aged 18-35 years old, of 56.14%. That’s almost 60% reach to Millennials and even Generation Z. A good 16% reaches the 35-45 age group, who are mainly Generation X while there is an even split for the Baby Boomers generation and even the youngest of Generation Z, of 10%.

As the fashion show goes international, it is imperative that they show the representation of ethnicities and in this fashion show, LVR did not disappoint. Here are a few gorgeous influencers casted in the show including:


He Cong

Joan Smalls

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Play if you want ⭐️

A post shared by Joan Smalls (@joansmalls) on

All of them also saw positive yield through the fashion show with higher engagement rates:

Halima (+0.44%)

Increase in engagement/engagement rates, provided by Popular Chips

He Cong (+5.34%)

Increase in engagement/engagement rates, provided by Popular Chips

Joan Smalls (+0.47%)

Increase in engagement/engagement rates, provided by Popular Chips

This caused international fans to also tune into the fashion show in support of Luisa Via Roma. Here is the breakdown of the audience country demographics:

Audience Country Demographics:

Audience demographics by country, provided by Popular Chips

The top are interesting English speaking countries including:
– USA (17.61%)
– UK (5.77%)

Of course, being a European fashion show, many of the audience members hail from the European region:
– Italy (10.27%)
– Germany (5.13%)
– Spain (3.98%)
– France (3.43%)
– Russia (2.60%)

And in Asia, Indonesia slips in at top 8 with 2.99%.

Analysis of CR & LVR

With such great results on the marketing campaign, I’d like to bring focus to the two core brands that made the whole event possible, CR Fashion Book and Luisa Via Roma.


Campaign analysis of @luisaviaroma, provided by Popular Chips

On average, @carineroitfeld’s magazine, Carine Roitfeld Fashion Book experiences an increase of 350.44% in engagement and 1.08% in engagement rates. In fact:

Post with top engagement, provided by Popular Chips

One particular post, which was a video of ‘charlie’s angels’ Bella Hadid, Irina Shayk and Joan Smalls walking down the runway together, experienced an astonishing increase of over 1000% in engagement, showing how many people this campaign reached out to and how much growth in brand awareness there was within the short timeframe of approximately 4 days.


Campaign analysis of @luisaviaroma, provided by Popular Chips

The Italian luxury retailer also experiences an average increase of 14.66% in engagement on its 15 posts. Its top post:

Post with top engagement, provided by Popular Chips

The top-performing post during this campaign is none other than the gorgeous Gigi Hadid, who opened the CRxLVR show. This post garnered an increase of 151% in engagement, an indication of the success from a meticulously planned line up by LVR.

In all, the Carine Roitfeld x Luisa Via Roma Fashion Show was extremely successful. There are many marketing points we can learn through them including the strategic casting of models as well as the sheer amount of media coverage (all of Florence saw the fashion show though screens throughout the city).

If you’d like an analysis of your influencer marketing efforts as well, contact us through Popular Chips .

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