How Instagram search tool can help your Brand

The importance of searching regularly on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social network platform worldwide. In June 2018, it is reported that they have 1 billion active users monthly. These users include people like you and me to micro-influencers who has a following from 10K to 100K and big names like Selena Gomez with 141Million followers as of August 2018.

I am sure you guys know about the search function on Instagram. The search function has multiple uses, and the most obvious ones are to search for an Instagram account or a hashtag that you are interested in. However, do you know the actual business value for the search function?

Identifying niche influencers

All influencers have their own area of expertise and interests, and those are the main reasons for their followings. When businesses work with influencers, they will pick someone who fits their brand’s image and has a substantial knowledge or expertise in the area the brand is in. For example, brands like Aden + Anais will be working with mummy bloggers and lifestyle influencers with babies instead of beauty influencers. Mummy bloggers are still a rather niche area with few influencers that has more than 100k followers. Thus it would be hard to find them or even notice them. With the search function on Instagram, you should be able to key in hashtags like #mummyblogger and you will be able to view the top performing posts on the top section. From there, you will find at least some of the influencers who are mummy bloggers. This will quicken your process of finding influencers to help promote your brand.


Identifying the best influencer for your brand

When looking for influencers for your brand’s campaign, who better than someone who has been talking about your brand organically. These are the influencers who have been constantly talking and sharing about your brand to their followers without having you to pay them. They have a genuine love for your brand. They will be the best for you to work with if you want to increase customer loyalty since their followers have already heard about you in some form or another in the past. The followers already have a high level of affinity with your brand and that makes it easier to convert them into your loyal customers. These influencers will be able to share quality contents about your brand with their followers instead of just having shallow interactions. To find them, you only need to use the search function and search for your brand’s hashtags and see who is talking about you. You can also see who has been tagging you on Instagram to find new influencers to work with.

Tracking your competitor’s campaign style and performance

When your competitors start an Instagram Campaign, they will be using certain hashtags to identify their campaign. These hashtags are also visible to you. From Instagram search, you will be able to view posts that have used that specific hashtag.

For example, Fenty beauty who just launched their Killa Watt Foils, they used #KillaWattFoil to help promote their product on Instagram. Just by searching, we can find the various influencers that they have engaged to help promote their product. We can also see a slight similarity in these top posts. The product is used on both the face and lips of these influencers and the photos are taken under bright lights to show the glow of their makeup. Fenty beauty is trying to send out the message that the product will be able to make your face glow.

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