House Of Cards – Alternative Facts vs Facts

How do the Underwoods stack up against the real deal?

House of Cards -The 5th Season is finally around the corner and yes it is time for my personal binge-watching routine; a basket of mini-assorted sandwiches to go with my pot of Earl Grey Tea. The pairing of fresh bread and the distinct notes of sweet, fresh bergamot orange would tide my stomach’s quellings as I snuggle up on my couch and prepare to watch the 13 episodes of the latest installment.

In case it was not clear, I am a huge fan of the show. Over the past 4 seasons, the characters have been scrupulously developed to the extent that it’s hard not to be emotionally invested in them. While the premise of the political drama does shake your faith in humanity, you will find yourself slowly rooting for the show’s leads. The myriad of plot twists and turns are enough to keep you hooked from the 1st episode to the last. If you don’t believe me, look at their Instagram account! Their followers just keep increasing!

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As great as the show is, one can’t help but wonder how would these characters stack up against the real actors who gave life to them? It’s hard to look at Kevin Spacey and not feel as if it was Frank Underwood himself in person. If you are a huge fan of the show, it’s really hard to shake that feeling off. After some fact searching here is how different they really are.

Frank Underwood vs. Kevin Spacey


1. Became famous while he was the majority whip for the United States House of Representatives.



2. He plotted revenge for being snubbed as Secretary of State.



3. Once he became President, he was famous for introducing the America Works program.

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4. He Passed a Gun Control Bill inspired after his assassination attempt.



5. As of Season 4 Finale, he has declared war on terror.




Kevin Spacey

1. He became famous in the early 1990s for his role in the neo-noir crime thriller The Usual Suspects.


2. Did you know Val Kilmer encouraged him to pursue a diploma at Juilliard?

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3. Spacey was kicked out of military school for fighting. He was expelled for hitting a classmate with a tire.


4. In September 2007, Spacey met Venezuelan President Hugo Chá. Neither spoke to the press about their encounter.


5. Kevin Spacey Foundation, his charitable foundation creates education opportunities by identifying emerging artists who have a unique voice and artistic vision and giving them the training and resources they need to fully express themselves.


Claire Underwood vs. Robin Wright


1. Claire earned her bachelor’s degree in environmental health and chemistry at Radcliffe College and her master’s degree in public health at Harvard University.



2. At Radcliffe, she met Frank Underwood, her future husband.



3. Claire was the CEO of the Clean Water Initiative. A charity non-profit organization focused on bringing clean, drinkable water across developing, impoverished countries.



4. Claire aimed to win the Democratic Nomination for the Vice Presidency, putting her on her Husband’s ticket.



5. Season 4 finale she broke the 4th wall.




Robin Wright

1. She became famous in Santa Barbara for the role of Kelly Capwell.


2. She transitioned into feature film work as Jenny Curran in Forrest Gump(1994). The role garnered her widespread critical acclaim as well as Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild nominations for Best Supporting Actress.


3. She was also the first actress to win a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress- Television Series Drama in 2013.


4. She starred as Wonder Woman’s aunt Antiope.


5. Following season 4 in 2016, Wright stated that she felt Claire Underwood was the equal of Frank Underwood and demanded equal pay for her performance. She also continues her activism for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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Sure, the Underwoods are a powerful couple I would fear and respect but real life actors Wright and Spacey are pretty great too. They are immensely talented individuals who literally gave life to the characters we see on the screen. In the battle between fact vs fiction, I would say I am definitely more in awe of the talent, dedication, and aptitude of the actors that play the central figures to what, in my opinion, is the best political drama of all time: House of Cards.

Written by Kenneth Edward

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