Hotels, Perfumes and Skincare: The Paris Hilton Story

Once said to be “famous for being famous”, the entrepreneur is now worth more than 300 million!

The Queen of “The Simple Life” (which is extremely ironic considering how she embodies the exact opposite) has recently come into the spotlight again with her engagement to actor Chris Zylka. Earlier this year, the actor proposed and of course, Paris said yes. We’re going to take a look at her Instagram feed today to see what she’s been up to!

(@parishilton) – 9.3 Million Followers

To begin, let us first take a look at the photograph that got her the most number of likes and comments from January 2018 to July 2018:

[Image of Paris Hilton’s best overall photo in 2018 generated via Popular Chips’ proprietary platform]
Surprise, surprise, it’s that photo of the proposal. The proposal has been a hot topic with people questioning how Chris Zylka managed to afford the 2 million dollar ring. Regardless, this photo was stunningly taken and definitely deserves the 791k likes!

Her Instagram feed shows the most glamorous aspects of her life, her funny videos and also work as a marketing platform for the lady-boss herself. In July, Paris released her 24th fragrance. The stunning packaging can only be matched by the way she markets her fragrances by creating the official hashtag (#platinumrush).

Just as the reports say, Paris really has built an empire for herself. Her portfolio consists of fragrances, lingerie, dog accessories and more recently, her very own self-titled skincare line (which has its own page @parishiltonskincare).

Having 9.3 million followers on your Instagram page certainly does make getting your products out there much easier!

With the launch of her skincare, Paris has already garnered 206 000 views on this Insta-video.

Her modelling past also hasn’t taken a back seat in her current career – just look at all these amazing shots.

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#SelfieLand ✨📱👸🏼✨

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We must say, it seems like her somewhat “troubled” past has been the foundation for all her future success! Getting into reality TV, having her scandal, being a model (and party girl) all turned out well for Paris seeing that she’s now a mature and powerful lady herself!

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Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Fame #TheAmericanMeme

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In Hollywood, fame is definitely not enough, but Paris has certainly used her fame right – as a platform to kick start all the wonderful things she does now.

Cheers to Paris Hilton and may she always succeed in what she does!

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