Happy Father’s D’oh!

Homer Simpson’s Fatherly Moments

Father’s day is around the corner and while most of us are busy making those last minute gift purchases or reservations for dinners, one can’t help but wonder how father’s day would be at the Simpson’s!  More importantly, would you say Homer is a good or bad dad??

Here are some of my favorite Homer Simpson’s Fatherly Moments!

1.Season 9, Episode 3

” Dear Lisa, May your new saxophone bring you years of D’oh!” 

After being disrupted by Lisa’s saxophone practice, Bart gets into a fight with Lisa, ultimately causing her saxophone to be thrown out the window and run over by a truck, flattening it. Trying to console her, Homer shares the story of how she got her saxophone. After finishing the story, Homer once again decides to not spend the money on an air conditioner and buys a new saxophone for Lisa instead.

Doesn’t that just make you go “Awwww”

2.Season 9 Episode 13

“It’s like I always say, a kid can learn more in an airport than he can in any school.”

After encountering two recruiters of a sect called “The Movementarians”, Homer attends a session that teaches about their sect, where he is brainwashed to join. Homer moves the entire family to their compound, where the entire family, except Marge, is brainwashed. Marge escapes through a dangerous getaway and finds Reverend Lovejoy, Ned Flanders and Groundskeeper Willie for help. The four manage to kidnap the family back. They are able to persuade Lisa and Bart to not believe in the sect anymore but are unable to get Homer back, as the sect’s lawyers take him back before they are able to. However, Homer no longer believes in the sect when he arrives and manages to expose them as fake. The group then disbands, and the family goes back home.

You gotta admit, even with Duff beers, Homer makes a good point. There is more knowledge out there in the world than just in books!

3.Season 8 Episode 10

“Well, it’s 1 AM. Better go home and spend some quality time with the kids.”

Homer walks home one night from Moe’s Tavern. On his way, he sees an eerie glowing creature. The next day Homer’s story is printed in the local newspaper. FBI agents Mulder and Scully read the story and go to Springfield to investigate this X-file. After talking with Homer they find his credibility shaky and quickly leave again. Bart and Homer then set up a camp to videotape the creature. When the creature appears, Lisa reveals that the creature is actually Mr. Burns after a medical treatment by Dr. Riviera.

For all his flaws, he still loves his kids. You can’t really be mad at him, can you?

The Simpsons On Instagram

With Homer being this adorable, it is not surprising to know that the Simpsons are officially on Instagram too! They have really really interesting posts that will bring you a laugh or two!

Happy Red Nose Day! From everyone except the cat. #TheSimpsons #RedNoseDay

A post shared by The Simpsons (@thesimpsonsfox) on

Google Trends suggests that over the past 5 years the countries that expressed the most searches for the Simpsons were Ireland, Australia, and the United Kingdom! While I am surprised that I can’t seem to find the United States in the top 3, this definitely speaks to the fact that people all over the world are able to appreciate the show. It is very rare for a show this old, to carry on this strong while still appealing to people all over the world!


Well, that is my top 3 favorite Homer Simpson fatherly moments. Our fathers are normal people too. They can have their flaws, imperfections. As far as animated dad’s go, Homer is pretty awesome and as much as he fails, I am glad he tries!

Let’s end things off with the Trailer of Daddy’s Home 2! My other favorite movie coming soon!


Written by Kenneth Edward

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