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AT&T Hello Lab’s approach towards content creation in this digital generation

AT&T Hello Labs

Influencers’ reach is huge and so it is not surprising when AT&T decided to go one step ahead to leverage on this rising network by casting digital influencers for their latest cyberbullying social media drama series – Guilty Party.

“Guilty Party” will begin on Tuesday August 29th here on their official Youtube channel which already has over 18k subscribers right now. The full run of the series will be available on DirecTV Now, AT&T’s internet pay-TV streaming service, later on in the year.


This group of young digital stars have a collective following of 38 million fans for this drama series which emphasize on the message of high-school bully. The show will take a fresh approach through a combination of weekly episodes on social media channels and daily vlogs by the main cast – Tiffany Alvord, Kian Lawley, Teala Dunn, Miles McKenna, Alexis G. Zall, Jessie Paege and Manolo Vergara.

The story focuses on Emma (Tiffany Alvord) who was a target of cyberbullying. It appears that she is starting to take revenge on the clique that casts her out and other kids in the school must also face the sins of their past before their secrets tear them apart.

But that’s not all. What makes this series a film for the generation is the twist in allowing audience to play the role of detective to discover who is exposing everyone’s secrets using clues posted on the series’ social channels. Given that the main casts are all active digital influencers, fans will be able to comment and engage directly with the stars on YouTube episodes and also their individual social accounts (Variety).


The series is produced by AT&T social media entertainment studio, Hello Lab which specializes in creating original content featuring and aimed at millennial as well as Gen Z audiences on platforms they are most familiar with – social media. Hello lab is headed by 10 digital creators at the forefront of mobile entertainment; in collaboration with  Fullscreen’s Strategic Content Group, it aims at connecting internet influencers to their community in more meaningful ways through co-creating innovative content series, lives experiences and many more.

Hello Lab is able to leverage on AT&T’s holistic network to produce, broadcast and even engage in 360-degree marketing campaign co-created with the influencers. Both management of AT&T and Fullscreen realized the immense potential of influencers in this digital generation and the importance of co-creating value with these innovative co-creators (ATT).


“This digital generation’s creativity, empowered by wireless networks and smartphones, is changing the way we create and consume entertainment for the better.” – David Christopher, Chief Marketing Officer, AT&T Mobility.

“Today’s generation of digital-first creators form extremely powerful connections to their legions of fans. Marketers need to respect and enhance that connection in order to make an impact with their brand message.” – George Strompolos, CEO and Founder of Fullscreen

Before the series air next week, lets get to know the characters and the cast better through their social media account – Instagram!

Emma (Tiffany Alvord) – A golden girl whose life is upended when she becomes a viral meme after she is filmed freaking out when her diary is stolen and published. She is determined to find out who did it and why.
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With over 597k followers on IG and over 2.9 million subscribers on Youtube, the leading character is a talented California-based singer and songwriter. Popular among the millennials (59% of IG followers – stats from Popular Chips), Tiffany frequently creates content on her channel, from original songs to covers of top billboard hits, vlogs, challenges and lifestyle videos.

Tatiana (Teala Dunn) – A type-A overachiever who loves being part of the school’s “power couple,” she always been a little angry at Emma for whom everything seemed so effortless.

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At a young age of 20, Teala is an American actress and Youtuber who starred in various Nickelodeon television show and made guest appearances in Law & Order. With over 2.3 million followers on IG and 2 million subscribers on Youtube, she is active on social media, regularly updating her fans of her daily activities.

Jake (Kian Lawley) – A ladies’ man who was dating Emma when the diary was revealed, he never quite understood their relationship and now that she’s disappeared, he may never.  He’s moving on but his new relationship isn’t smooth sailing either.

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how los angeles feels.

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An American actor and Youtuber, Kian has a staggering 4.4 million followers on IG and over 3 million subscribers on Youtube – a feat for a young 21 years old millennial. Not only that, he has a high engagement rate of 9.7% as his content are well received by his fans (Stats from Popular Chips). On top of all these, he has been nominated and won several Teen Choice Awards in various categories like Web Star: Comedy and Drama Movie Actor.

Alex (Miles McKenna) – Alex was never the center of the group but always the glue and keeper of secrets.

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After coming out as trans non-binary earlier on in the year, Miles (who is formerly known as Amanda) has quickly become one of the most influential and inspirational LGBTQ+ advocate and icons on YouTube. He currently has more than 537k IG followers (where more than 50% of them are from the United States – stats from Popular Chips) and over 982k subscribers on Youtube. He is always open with fans on the topic of sexuality, self-love, identity and many more.

Charlie (Jessie Paege) – A rebel from the wrong side of the tracks who grew up with Tatiana and Emma and their group, Charlie does not define herself as part of it.  Although she shuns the hypocrisy of high school antics, she sometimes yearns to be part of it.
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With her striking bright pink hair that is sure to catch anyone’s attention, at just 17 years old, Jessie already has 501k followers on IG and over 1 million Youtube subscribers. With an earnest voice and outgoing personality, Jessie has the highest engagement rate (10.27% – stats from Popular Chips) among all the rest of the cast.

Preston (Manolo Vergara) – The King to Tatiana’s Queen.  Destined for great things, he also has something to hide that could shatter his dreams.

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Walkin' out of Cher like #SheGetsMe

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Manolo is the 25 years old son of Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara, a Colombian actress and model. With his background, Manolo has a good mix of IG followers from United States (26%) and Columbia (25% – stats from Popular Chips). With over 241k followers on IG, Manolo is both a rising model and actor (Teen Vogue).

Tess (Alexis G. Zall) – Providing a narrative voice to keep the story moving, her video blog is seen by the student body as an all-knowing guide to the lives of the in-crowd.

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it was my idea to post this photo & then Amy did it first…?

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19 years old Alexis has over 472k followers on IG and 1 million subscribers on her Youtube channel where she make ultra satirical videos from the perspective of a teen who doesn’t like teenagers in her series of “Trying To Trendy Teen”.

As we look forward to the release of the first episode, we hope you all got to know the cast of “Guilty Party” a little better after this read!

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