Gucci’s Unconventional & Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Luxury brands are known for their flawless models and fantastic, picturesque campaign advertisements. Luxury beauty brands are especially focused on this aspect, running through countless castings to find the creme of the crop, a beautiful face that puts even the golden ratio to shame.

Lipstick advertisements for example, always show stunning supermodels with a perfect cupid’s bow and sultry pout, gliding a layer of rouge on their smooth, soft lips and inevitably unravelling a symmetric set of pearly white teeth with a smile, like the Dior lipstick campaign below:

Yet for its first-ever campaign, Gucci Beauty has decided to go against this convention of beauty, launching a 56-shade lipstick line featuring 26-year-old singer Dani Miller as the face of the campaign.

Dani’s teeth are imperfect: large gaps between her two front teeth and her canine teeth,  teeth with a yellowish-tint and asymmetric in general. Despite so, Dani is undeniably the star of the 80s themed campaign, backed by other Gucci veterans Mae Lapres, Achok Majak and Ellia Sophia Coggins.

Alessandro Michele

Alessandro Michele is the genius behind this campaign. As the creative director for Gucci, he has a huge vision for Gucci Beauty. Featuring an ’80s vibes, intentional imperfections and “dental diversity”, Alessandro wanted to communicate that:

Makeup should not mask, but rather exalt, flaws and make them part of the language of beauty

Alessandro Michele

The accompanying campaign film also featured the models and a voiceover that inspired audience members to be ’bold, bright and beautiful’.

Inline to Alessandro’s vision, the campaign film was rather raw and unrefined, gritty if I should add, like a film from the 80s. It showed the imperfection and thus, the authenticity of beauty with close-up shots of models that are less-polished, less-bleached, less-perfect and thus, more realistic.

courtesy of @gucci


While beauty industry critics may stick to their conventional ideals, the public has given very positive reactions to this campaign:

@gucci’s top post in the last 3 months, provided by Popular Chips

On Gucci’s main account @gucci, the lipstick campaign reigns as the top post, with 725,578 likes and 20,989 comments.

Gucci has a post frequency of 4 posts a day. Since May till now, there are likely hundreds of fashionable posts that should have buried this one lipstick campaign post. Yet, this one post remains king, with the 2nd top post having only half the talk it has. If this doesn’t show how influential the campaign has been, then I don’t know what will.

Engagement Rates & Audience Growth:

@gucci’s engagement rates April-June 2019, provided by Popular Chips

During the debut month of the campaign, @gucci saw a huge spike in engagement rates:

@gucci’s engagement rates in numbers, provided by Popular Chips

From 0.16% to 0.38%, which is more than double its usual engagement rates in April and June. This means that the campaign created a lot of buzz and thousands of people were talking about or becoming aware of it.

@gucci’s audience growth 30 April – 16 May, provided by Popular Chips

The week following the campaign debut, @gucci saw an increase of 124.4k followers, higher than it did the week preceding and after it. People probably fell in love with Gucci’s bold and beautiful representation of realistic beauty and wanted to follow Gucci to see more of such content and I can’t say that I was not intrigued to see more of the natural beauty that Gucci stood for. 

If this isn’t impressive enough, I’d like to show you @guccibeauty’s account, whose first campaign is this lipstick commercial:

@guccibeauty’s audience growth from March to June 2019, provided by Popular Chips

The day after publishing the lipstick campaign, there was a sudden, sharp increase in followers (highlighted in pink). In the same month, @guccibeauty attained a period growth of 21.30%, more than 4 times the preceding month.

Dani Miller

Dani Miller (@alienzarereal), the singer of punk band ‘Surfbort’ has also seen increases in supporters for boldly showing the world her imperfections. Just look at the touching comments she’s received:

courtesy of @alienzarereal
@alienzarereal’s audience growth from April to May 2019, provided by Popular Chips

She also experienced a huge increase of followers (+8k) in the first week of May (release of campaign). She ended up with a period growth of 39.54% for the month of May, nearly 10 times the growth in April.

It’s touching how many people saw Dani as a hero who stood for a realistic beauty that people were more able to relate to. Even Dani herself was in tears when she first saw the campaign film, saying that:

Tears fell when I first saw the film. I thought ‘wow, it really is me: unedited, untouched, just me’. And I am so proud of it because I know there are many others like me who don’t feel like they’re enough and I can finally tell them that they are just fine the way they are

Dani Miller


For Gucci to create such an unconventional beauty campaign was to risk smearing its ‘luxurious, sought-after’ brand image, especially since its the first campaign on its Beauty account (@guccibeauty). That said, the team stayed true to the meaningful vision set by their creative director and empowered the world and THAT, is the essence of a successful campaign.

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  1. Influencers normal people can relate to more and get more influenced to buy Bec they look similiar to them. Celebrity is an idol for most of people someone they dream of becoming one day.

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