Glossier: The Personable Insta-Brand

Glossier. You’ve probably heard of it, seen it somewhere, or know someone who is passionate about their fabulous products. When thinking of successful social media marketings, this Insta-Brand is sure to pop up to mind.

What exactly is Glossier? The founder, Emily Weiss, was a devoted beauty blogger back in the day when blogging was still a thing. While her blog Into the Gloss got increasingly popular, Emily noticed that her readers, who were regular beauty consumers like her, were dissatisfied with the beauty market offerings at that time. This was when she decided to launch a beauty line that would support the uniqueness of different skins rather than group them in one skin type only. Not long after that, in 2014, Glossier was born. Its strategy? Customers first. This simple yet organic strategy has since turned into the strong fan/customer base that is now.

So how did Emily managed to bring the success of her blog into @Glossier and grow a cult-following of 2.2 million? We’ve taken a look at their Instagram strategies, and analysed their impeccable Marketing strategy steps.

♡Cute Brand-Based Hashtags♡

Despite being a business account, Glossier stays close to its customers and does so with their very cute brand-based hashtags(#): #catsofglossier, #glossiereditors, #campglossier. All these hashtags allow consumers to take a peek into the daily lives of the employees behind Glossier, the company’s pet cat, the company’s excursions into the wild, and even the employees’ bare faces as they test out Glossier products.

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“Mine” 😸 #catsofglossier @helenpro

A post shared by Glossier (@glossier) on

#catsofglossier as the current top post of May 2019, provided by Popular Chips

For example, the #catsofglossier post above portrays a typical day at Glossier, one where their cat holds on to a Glossier’s scented make-up base.
It is, currently, the top most liked post of May 2019 with 87,713 likes. This shows how much their fanbase appreciates that Glossier portrays themselves as a relatable company.


It is very hard to connect to a customer face to face, let alone to millions of online shoppers. Despite so, Glossier ensures that it keeps their followers connected with highly relatable posts.

Every now and then, Glossier posts content similar to this:

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You doing your skincare routine tonight 💦

A post shared by Glossier (@glossier) on

Top liked and commented video of January 2019, provided by Popular Chips

This meme-like post has no direct relation to Glossier’s product but is very much relatable to their followers. In fact, this post was so relatable that it received 142,826 likes and 5,080 comments, making it the top most liked and most commented post of January 2019.


Glossier’s team is called the g.Team ( like the A-Team, I guess…), and is dedicated to answering customer’s questions, be it via Instagram, their website, or even on FaceTime. The team also replies frequently, which is pivotal in keeping customers happy and satisfied. Here is evidence of the g.Team’s efficiency:

g.Team replying to users

The g.Team’s fastidious replies are the reason why customers love Glossier: they know they are heard by the company and that they are always prioritised.

The g.Team listens to their customers’ feedback and needs of keeping products efficient and the price tag at bay. To reply to these feedbacks, Glossier has combined the 2 separate products for make-up removal and face cleansing into a 2-in-1 product, which it still gets the job done efficiently.

Another example of how they care to listen to their customers is this one:

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Tomorrow—eye cream gets Glossier 👀

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Back in January 2019, a user tweeted the above. Bear in mind that this customer is like us, just a regular person and not some high-profile influencer or celebrity.

Their reply to her?

Exactly what she needed, an eye cream which was released in April 2019.


While extra effort must be made by employees at Glossier, they reap many benefits from their hard work.

Glossier analytics provided by Popular Chips

For one, Glossier has a crazy Engagement Rate of 2.74% compared to the industry standard for brands’ profiles which falls at 0.56%. That’s 4.8 times higher.

Glossier also enjoys an average Audience Growth of 3.13%, which is about +70.3K followers per month.

In terms of profits, Glossier’s net worth is valued at 1.2 billion, and the company’s CEO Emily Weiss was also featured in Forbes 30 under 30 in 2015.

With so much thought put towards their customers,  it’s really no wonder that Glossier has managed to build an empire in the skin care industry.

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