Garden Eyebrows, the New Beauty Trend Just in Time for Spring

Makeup artists on Instagram are always coming up with new ideas to spice up their makeup routines. One of the more recent trends that has taken the beauty niche by storm is garden eyebrows.

This fresh spring look was started by influencer Taylor R, who posted about it on various social media channels, including her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The look has inspired many other makeup enthusiasts to create versions of their own. Some of them decided that green eyebrows were a must, and used various types of non-brow makeup to help re-create the verdant look.

Others thought that the flowers were the focal point of the look and made sure they included beautiful floral bits instead.

Some thought that garden brows weren’t enough, and decided to extend the garden concept to other parts of their face.

Taylor’s eyebrow concept has become popular enough that some users have even made fan art based on the idea.

Some users have even decided to include their pets in their re-creations of Taylor’s look.

For those of you who would like hop on the trend and give garden eyebrows a go, or create something similar, you can take a peek at Taylor’s YouTube video featuring herself creating the look.

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