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Not too long ago, we shared about the future of Instagram marketing with the upcoming shoppable posts. As we wait in anticipation for the new feature, many of us would also be looking forward to future extension of shoppable feature to Instagram video or even story forms.

Techcrunch – Instagram Shoppable Post

Most of us are most probably very familiar with shoppable images but not videos. Videos are powerful content tools that is able to garner higher about 1.6 times higher in terms of transaction rate (McKinsey’s research) but its power still lies relatively untapped as most brands only use it as a traffic or content tool to engage consumers. Little are exploring the possibility of using video as a conversion feature.

Today, we are exploring the beauty of shoppable videos and how some brands have already adopted these advanced digital marketing format to create such interactive experience for their customers.


What are shoppable videos?

Similar concept as shoppable posts, shoppable videos allow viewer to purchase the selected item straight from the video. Viewers will just have to simply click on the item shown in the video and they will be led straight to the product page or in some cases, the item will be added to cart directly.

Juicy Couture Youtube

Shoppable video plays strongly on the part on both experiential marketing and immediate purchase. Experiential marketing being that it is no longer just the boring browsing of pamphlets but spotting the ideal item through a video content usually with an equally interesting story plot.

Also, the ability for immediate call to action (adding item to cart or opening up a link) hinges on consumers desire to purchase a product they like immediately instead of not knowing where to buy them or taking the extra effort to find them.


Examples of shoppable videos

Juicy Couture – In their full length advertisement below, Model Candice Swanepoel is featured in a series of outfits alongside a rendition of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” . All the outfits and accessories in the video can be clicked on, directing viewers to the product page.


Zalora – With their very own fashion reality series on Diva channel, “How Do I Look” features host Jeanne Mai giving participants a fashion makeover with items purchased directly off Zalora’s site. Beyond the TV series, Zalora has the interactive videos posted on their website allowing viewers to purchase all the clothing pieces as worn by the participants.

Try out the video here, shop the look as you catch the series!


Matches Fashion – Under the “Digital Trunk Shows“, London-based luxury fashion retailer Matches Fashions shares exclusive collections and discusses the inspiration behind each piece through video content. Items featured in the video can all be added to the cart immediately with just a click without having to leave the video or pause it.

Have a go at the latest shoppable video by them here!


Items added to cart during the video


Ted Baker – Last year, Ted Baker’s gave viewers a glimpse of shoppable video under the series “Mission Impeccable”. The 3 minute shoppable video was used to promote their autumn/winter collection in the most classic action-packed cinematic. The video provided an opportunity to close the gap between viewers spotting an inspirational piece they like and action of purchasing.

Whenever a well dressed special agent appears in the video, a clear, clickable icon will appear and viewers can add the piece of clothing into the cart at anytime. The creative marketing video not only gave users a refreshing experience, it brought to the fashion brand a 30% spike in sales and overall brand engagement! Even the non shoppable version on Youtube garnered 4 million views!



Right now some of the most straightforward options on social media are the click to buy/site button in Youtube videos as well as swipe up link on Instagram stories. While Facebook and Google (Youtube) have been rumored to be releasing shoppable video formats, nothing concrete has been available just yet. With shoppable tags (in images) under test on Instagram, I’m sure many of us are looking forward to the day we can have shoppable video on Instagram as well!

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