First Ever Audience Overlap Analysis for Your Influencer Marketing Campaign

In our article on the 5 things you must know before hiring an influencer, we gave you the low-down on the most important pieces of information any brand has to know about an influencer before making the decision to collaborate with them.

But such information scrapes the surface of all the data you could possibly have on your influencer. Today, we’re going to share a little something that most influencer agencies don’t talk about: audience overlap.

What is Audience Overlap?

Audience overlap refers to the audience (or followers) that two (or more) accounts share.

As seen from the Venn diagram above, the more the number of followers two (or more) accounts share, the larger the overlap in audience.

Why Should I Care About Audience Overlap?

As a brand, you are engaging an influencer to advertise your product to their followers (your actual target audience), so it is imperative that you know what sorts of people you are reaching. Two types of audience overlap are particularly pertinent to brands.

  1. Overlap between your brand and an influencer
  2. Overlap among the influencers whom you wish to work with

Overlap between your brand and an influencer

When doing an influencer marketing campaign, you want to make sure that at least some of the followers of the influencer you hire are interested in what you have to promote. While you can understand whether your influencer has the right audience for your brand based on their followers’ demographics, this does not tell you whether they are interested in your brand. This is where audience overlap comes in handy, particularly if you have never worked with the influencer before.

Audience overlap between @burberry and @caradelevingne; Venn diagram generated via Popular Chips‘s proprietary platform.

In the above example, we see that at least 1.7 million of model Cara Delevingne’s audience on Instagram is already interested in Burberry. This means that if Delevingne were to post about her collaboration with Burberry, we can assume that at least 1.7 million people would be interested.

Bonus: Post-Campaign Analysis

A second audience overlap diagram can also be created post-campaign. Comparing the audience overlap pre- and post-campaign, your brand can then determine how many new followers the influencer has helped you obtain.

Overlap among the influencers whom you wish to work with

Audience overlap among 5 Singaporean influencers; Venn diagram generated via Popular Chips‘s proprietary platform.

How should we read the Venn diagram above? What does the unique reach of 80% signify? Should we aim for a higher or lower percentage?

The answer to these questions depends on your campaign goals.

Small overlap (High unique reach)

A small overlap (or a high unique reach) is something to aim for if you are using this campaign to spread the news about your brand or product. If the purpose of your campaign is outreach, then you should aim to collaborate with influencers who have very different audiences. In this case, you should aim for a percentage value (for unique reach) that is as high as possible.

Large overlap (Low unique reach)

On the other hand, if you wish to have your campaign message reinforced, with your target consumer profile hearing about the same product multiple times, then you should aim for a large overlap in audience (or a low unique reach). Followers may not be convinced about a product if they only hear about it from one influencer they follow. However, if they see multiple influencers talking about the same product on their feed, they may form a deeper impression of the product or service. They may also become more convinced of its worth. All of these effects are likely to make these followers more tempted to purchase the product or use the service.

We hope that this piece on audience overlap analysis has helped you work towards a more successful influencer marketing campaign. Do check out Popular Chips Dailies for more influencer marketing insights!

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