FENTY: The Disruptive Brand

Fenty Beauty first shook the whole beauty industry when Rihanna launched her colour-inclusive 40 shade foundation line. Her highlighters were perfect on a caramel toned skin and she had an ethnically diverse team of models, something that garnered a lot of praise worldwide. If you thought this was the extent of Rihanna’s reign though, then you are ABSOLUTELY wrong!

On May 29 2019, @badgalriri will launch her luxury ready-to-wear line ‘FEИTY’ and like an atomic bomb, she will annihilate the dated conventions of luxury fashion.

Here are 3 ways she is already disrupting the luxury fashion world before her release:

1st Afro-Barbadian Woman To Be Working With LVMH.

Rihanna is going to be the World’s first black female designer to have her own fashion house under the fashion world’s biggest company: LVMH (Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton). That’s 2 big milestones she’s hit at once: (1) being the first woman and (2) a woman of colour, who created an original brand with LVMH.

This could open the door of opportunities for more colour representation in the fashion world, especially in luxury fashion, which is dominated by traditionally European houses. Moreover, she is empowering women to follow their dreams to tread into male-dominated industries.

#fem2 Feminine Lines
On A Traditionally Masculine Structure

The house of Chanel first rose to fame when Coco Chanel broke away from the conventional feminine wear of her time, which were petticoats and frilly layered dresses that were suffocating and very immobile. She took inspiration from men’s wear, which was much more mobile, light and sleek and made the first ever Tweed jacket and later, the iconic women’s suit.

Fitting for the first women’s suit, featuring the tweed jacket and a matching skirt

Fenty is creating a line that Rihanna describes as ‘sweatpants with pearls, or a masculine denim jacket with a corset’, which could well be the next ‘women’s suit’ in the 21st-century fashion industry. The below is the first preview of the incoming line that she uploaded on May 21 2019:

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Engagement % of Fenty, provided by Popular Chips

The primary reception of her line has been nothing less of great. It already had 440,216 views in one day, which is about 1.5 times the amount of followers she has. Her engagement rates are even more astounding reaching an explosive 56.16% (higher than Kylie Skin’s engagement rates during release, of 25.91%). This is in relation to the average of 3.9% engagement rates for influencers of the same calibre, or 0.82% for brands of the same calibre. Fenty is already engaging 65 times more than the average brand even before the launch of the House and that speaks volumes about how excited the world is for FEИTY.

‘Plus Size’ On
The Radar

There has already been a long-running big debate about curvier women in fashion. The idea of a size 2 model walking on runways or even appearing on Vogue was atrocious for years, until recently in 2017 when Ashley Graham arrived on the fashion scene and broke every rule in the book. Today, Rihanna is doing the same in luxury fashion, providing clothing sizes up to US14. While I know this is still a world away from other ready to wear brands like Torrid, it is a breakthrough for fashion houses.

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Rihanna added, now that she has become curvier, she has changed her fashion stylistics and Fenty has been made in that image to fit varying body proportions better. After all, how can it be that ‘a fashion designer is unable to wear her own creation’?

To see how the luxury fashion industry is reacting to FEИTY’s disruption, I did an Instagram analysis on the Deloitte of the fashion world: LVMH (Moët Hennessy – Louis Vuitton).

Top post analysis of LVMH provided by Popular Chips

Unsurprisingly, the first and only preview we have of the House of Fenty by LVMH so far is the most liked post of LVMH for 2019, with 83,138 likes and the second highest amount of comments, 313 comments behind the top commented post. Followers of this luxury fashion giant are definitely exhilarated for the release of Riri’s brand.

Are you excited for Fenty’s release too? How about munching on another chip here while waiting for 29 May!

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