Fastest Growing Instagram accounts Apr/May 2016

8 Apr – 8 May

So, everyone knows who is currently holding the top positions as most followed accounts on Instagram, but how about finding out who is growing faster than the others?

We used Popular Chips Insights to keep track of the followers growth of the top 100.000 Instagram accounts and the results were quite astonishing: can you believe more than 30 accounts gained more than 1 Million followers in 30 days? And I am here struggling to gain a hundred!

Here are the Top 10 fastest growing Instagram account between April and May 2016.

Fastest Growing Instagram accounts Apr/May 2016
Fastest Growing Instagram accounts Apr/May 2016

There’s no surprise in seeing that @instagram is the fastest growing account, you’re playing under their hood! Among the brands we can see tha @Nike is definitely doing something good in their Instagram strategy, with more than 2,3 Million new followers acquired between April and May 2016.

Except for the lack of presence from @kimkardashian, this leaderboard features exactly the top 10 position of the most followed accounts on Instagram but with some differences:

  • @arianagrande has 71 Million followers compared to the 76 Million of @taylorswift , but she’s trying to close the gap gaining 200,000 more followers per month.
  • @cristiano and the two Jenner sisters are closing up on @justinbieber: he still has around 8 Million more followers, but especially the Jenners are gaining 400,000 more followers per month.

Even if the first positions do not seem to be in peril, the battle for being in the top-10 of the most followed accounts on Instagram is quite open and at this rate there will be some changes in the next few months; for sure, Nike will be a contestant.

If you want to keep an eye on further developments have a look at the daily updated “Most followed Instagram accounts” leaderboard; if you wish to access advanced data on Instagram influencers, check out Popular Chips Insights.


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