Fantastic Micro Influencers and Where To Find Them?

In the previous article, we shared everything about micro influencers – who they are and why brands should consider engaging these rising influencers. While they may be great at what they are doing, finding them in the social media world can be rather challenging due to their relatively small following size.

These rising influencers may be at the start of their professional career and have yet to achieve enough recognition for them to be easily identified. However, with influencer analytics platform such as Popular Chips, they are several ways of which brands can identify these influencers – all in just a few clicks!

Some characteristics of micro influencers first (non exhaustive):

  • Following size between 10,000 to 50,000 but could go even lower/higher depending on brand’s definition and needs
  • Usually starts off their social media career by specializing in a niche category like fitness, photography, baking or fashion etc
  • Consistent increase in followers as they create quality content that capture audiences’ interest
  • High engagement; likes and comments in comparison to follower size
  • Genuine interest from followers and micro influencers themselves interacts personally with them through answering comments/ direct messages

How to identify/ find micro influencers?


One of the characteristics that we observed from micro influencers is their consistent and gradual upwards growth in acquiring new followers. These rising influencers dedicated lots of time and effort in perfecting their social media content for their targeted followers. It thus come at no surprise that their content are constantly being appreciated by like minded and interested followers.

Followers growth statistics from Popular Chips

An audience growth analysis can help brands to identify micro influencers who have the potential to scale up in time to come. Also, it helps to spot irregular spikes and dips which may be a cause for concern with the rising problem of fake followers. Read here to find out more about the proper ways to analyze followers growth.



Search engine interface of Popular Chips

The first to offer in depth followers demographics analytics, Popular Chips‘ influencer search engine allow brands to search for the most relevant influencers based on the types of followers they have (gender, age, country of origin).

The same search engine can also be used to find rising micro influencers as the fields on the right allow brands to specify the characteristics and performance they want from the influencers and the platform will generate the relevant results.

Search results – Popular Chips

Here is a little test run. Take for example, a UK brand can specify influencers of less than 20,000 followers with average engagement rate of 6% and audience growth of 5%. With these characteristics of micro influencers that we identified above, the image shows some of the results generated by the platform.

With this, brands are able to identify the niche and top performing micro influencer which would have been almost impossible to find manually.



Hashtags on Instagram has got to be one of the top feature that allow accounts and brands to build a community around specific topics – think for example #photography #baking #makeupjunkie. On Popular Chips, brands can “listen” to the content and influencers talking about these specific topics and identify those that are relevant for their brands.

Hashtag listening tool (posts) on Popular Chips

In this case, we ran a sample listener on some of the top celebrity make up brands using the various official hashtags. The platform then consolidate every post on Instagram with the tags within the stipulated time period, sort by likes.

Hashtag listening tool (influencers) on Popular Chips

Here brands can identify all the influencers who has been posting with the hashtags; how many times he/she has posted and what are the performance for the posts. With this, brands can identify influencers of all sizes who are interested in the specific topic and are already organically talking about them on social media.



Assuming that the brand has successfully identified an interesting micro influencer through the above methods, Popular Chips offer in depth analysis on every public account on Instagram for brands to have a better understanding of the influencers they are going to engage.

One feature available for every account is “similar influencers”. This allow brands to find other influencers with similar followers demographic profile. In other words, once a brand find a micro influencer with a follower base that is ideal for their product (eg: top country from US, mostly females and millennials followers), the brand can find other accounts who offer similar follower mix.



In addition to finding similar influencers, the platform also allow brands to identify the influencers’ own top followers. These are accounts that are following the micro influencers and are usually like-minded individuals or circle of friends. In either cases, it could be highly beneficial for brands to take a look at these accounts and they could potentially find another rising micro influencer with similar profile and interest.

In most cases, one will find the top followers to be accounts of similar sizes, usually the influencers’ friends or those with similar interest. However in some cases, they could be followed by major brands such as that for @stylewithstarr above. Her top followers actually included top fashion brands Boohoo and Public Desire with million following. Seems like big brands are already supporting these micro influencers!

As the result for top followers are ordered in terms of following size, it is easy to scroll through and find accounts of any size. Easy!

Micro influencers are the next big thing ever since influencer marketing came into the social media playing grounds and Popular Chips just made finding these small rising stars much, much easier!

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