Enter the Worlds of 3 Instagram Poets

Instagram poets and poetry have been on the rise for some time, with simple poems (no longer than a few lines) on plain backgrounds fitting quite well into the Instagram aesthetic. While some have lauded such poetry and the poets who write them, others do not look upon them so kindly, calling Instagram poetry “artless”. Given the number of negative things that have been said, some have even found it necessary to defend Instagram poets and the poetry that they write.

No matter what has been said, it’s clear that these poets are making waves on Instagram, so let us introduce you to a few of them so that you can get a better idea of what they do.

The most popular among the InstaPoets has to be @rupikaur_, with 2.6 million followers on Instagram. Of all her posts in the past three months, the following is the one that has received the highest engagement.


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As a testament to her popularity, Kaur has an average image engagement of 5.84%, a very high rate for an individual with such a large number of followers on Instagram. This is despite the fact that Kaur, unlike many other InstaPoets, do not use many hashtags in her posts. Her most popular hashtag used in the past three months is #thesunandherflowers, the title of her most recent book. Kaur uses the hashtag whenever she posts excerpts of her poems from said book.

Although Kaur posts both her poems and images of her self alternately on Instagram, it is quite clear that her poems stand out to her audience more than the other images do. A quick look at her top 15 posts in terms of like engagement makes this clear.

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Another popular InstaPoet with a large following is @atticuspoetry, whose real identity is unknown. While he has done readings for his audience in the past, he has always worn a mask while doing so, and has suggested that his anonymity is something he values. Atticus’s most popular post in the past three months features in his first book, “Love Her Wild”.

“Love Her Wild” is 30% off today, link in bio. xx #atticuspoetry #loveherwild #gatsby

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Of all of Atticus’s followers, the one who has the largest following is American actress and singer, Jada Facer. 66% of his followers are female, and an astonishingly low percentage of them are inactive on Instagram. Given that most of his followers (approximately 48%) hail from the United States, which has an average rate of 11.19% for inactive followers, this is definitely worthy of note.

The final InstaPoet we will be introducing today is Nayyirah Waheed. Unlike the other two poets, Waheed only posts photographs of her poetry on her Instagram page. Some of the photographs appear to be snapshots taken directly from her two books, salt. and Nejma, while others are screenshots of tweets, many of which are also excerpts from her books. Waheed’s most popular post from the past three months is one about anger and grief shown below.

Some have in fact accused Rupi Kaur, introduced above, for plagiarizing parts of Waheed’s work in her previous publication, Milk and Honey. While these accusations have gone on quite extensively on the Twitter- and Tumblr-verse, they do not appear to have had much of an impact on Kaur’s Instagram presence, the engagement on her posts or on the sale of her books.

We hope you’ve had fun reading about some of the InstaPoets we have introduced today. If you’re a budding InstaPoet yourself who does not have quite the reach that you desire yet, we hope you gain inspiration from these people here and keep on working towards your goal.

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