Emma and Mila Stauffer, The 2-Year-Old Social Media Influencers

Everything you need to know about the twins


Mila and Emma Stauffer, a pair of 2 year old twin sisters are making waves on social media. Together with their siblings and parents, they have been creating viral social content that not only allow them to gain fan from all over the world but also opportunities to work with some of the biggest brands.

Some have expressed concerns on the twins’ welfare as they are constantly creating new content for social media and brands, but it is great to know that their mum, Katie Stauffer only picks up selected brand endorsement that do not insist on a deadline as she does not want to force her girls to make videos or pose for photos.

For us, we simply love what the twins great personality and certainly hope that they are having fun while creating all the content for us followers!


Published on the 25th of April, the video has since garnered over 2 million views on Youtube. What happens when Mila spotted her boyfriend in the park with someone else? Watch the drama unveil as Mila calls her boyfriend and confronts him directly!

This was the beginning of the Twin’s social media career. After Mila’s video went viral, it was featured in numerous sites such as Dailymail, MIrror and The Berry.

Some serious thoughts on airport security by Mila that we all can’t resist. Since the 6th of June, the video already has over 2.6 million views!



The pair of 2 years old twin may not have their own Instagram account yet but their mum, Katie’s official account has over 2.5 million followers till date. Katie updates her account with the Twin’s pictures almost every other day, sharing their silly antics, hilarious videos or simply cuteness overload goofy faces.

Emma and Mila has other three siblings, as far as we know, they are our #siblinggoals!

Followers growth rate – statistics from Popular Chips

With Popular Chips’ platform, we did a little analysis on Stauffer’s Instagram account followers growth and noticed that their following size has increased tremendously since the beginning of the year. Till date, they have grown from around 100k followers in Jan 2017 to the staggering 2.5m now – definitely a huge social media star now!

Day on day followers growth – statistics from Popular Chips

As we can see from the charts, Stauffer’s account took an obvious exponential growth around April which coincides to the time where Mila’s first video was uploaded and went viral. The video was posted on Youtube on the 25th of April and soon took off when other news sites covered her story on Dailymail (27th April), MIrror (28th April) and The Berry (28th April).



With a little help from the Popular Chips platform, we were able to find the top liked posts on Stauffer’s account for this year 2017. Let’s see some of their best content here!

View this post on Instagram

Mila "weighs" in on the gym 😂 🎥 by @kaitsta

A post shared by Stauffer Family (@kcstauffer) on

Top: Mila answers some of the top burning questions regarding working out at the gym
2nd: First day of preschool did not seem to go as planned for Mila, she’s probably too cool to be in preschool anyway.
3rd: A collaboration with social media sensation – Ross Smith, Mila seeks some relationship advise from his Grandma.



With their rising popularity on social media, brands have been reaching out to Stauffer and her twins to collaborate on their Instagram marketing. Together with their mum, Emma and Mila has been creating refreshing and unique social content for these brands.

Top 10 brand/influencer mentions on Instagram by @kcstauffer

Using Popular Chips analysis, we found the top 10 mentions by the Stauffer Instagram account. Of course, among them are some of the top brands that they have been working with and here are some example of the posts!






Emma and Mila has proven that age and size does not matter when it comes to being a social media influencer. With their adorable faces, cheerful personality and unique social media profile, they are making a difference in influencer marketing through their interesting content. Meanwhile, we are definitely going to keep a lookout for all their upcoming posts!

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