Cross-Sharing of Instagram Stories to Facebook

What it means for influencers and brands

In August this year, Instagram began testing a feature that allows its users to share their Stories directly onto Facebook Stories. According to TechCrunch, it appears that this function officially made its way into Instagram earlier this month. Users are able to check an option under ‘Settings’ in Instagram that allows them to cross-share their posts from one platform to the other.

While Instagram reported 250 million users of its ‘stories’ function in August 2017, only one year after its launch, a similar function made available on Facebook in March earlier this year has not quite had the same rate of uptake. Hence, many have dubbed this move Facebook’s desperate attempt to save its ‘stories’ function from its demise.

Whatever the reason for the move, the enabling of the cross-sharing function spells good news for all users, who get the additional option of sharing what they post on two different platforms with ease.

How this Affects Influencers and Brands

Influencers and brands should know that different social media platforms attract people of different age groups. According to the Pew Research Center, while 59% of those aged 18-29 use Instagram, only 31% of individuals aged 30-49 use said social media platform. Furthermore, Instagram reports that those under the age of 25 spend more than 32 minutes on the application a day, unlike those above 25, who spend at least 24 minutes on the same application. This suggests that while millennials and Gen Z tend to flock to Instagram, those of the older generation do not have these same tendencies.

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Thus, while Instagram is a great platform for brands and influencers alike to reach out to the young, it may not be such an effective option for those who wish to market themselves to those in Gen Y and older. It is worth noting that 79% of individuals aged 30-49 continue to use Facebook, which may make it a better social media platform to promote to those who are older.

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While influencers typically have a smaller target audience that is limited to the content that they produce, brands whose target audiences span multiple generations in particular, may want to consider cross-sharing ‘stories’ as this would allow them to reach different age groups without having to produce two different sets of marketing material.

Consider Your Target Audience

Cross-sharing, it seems, would be a particularly useful function for brands and influencers whose target audience lies in between the ages of 25-29. Since Instagram usage remains high but begins to taper off in this age group while Facebook usage stays fairly constant, cross-sharing would ensure that brands’ marketing efforts reach their target audience on either one or both of the two platforms.

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