Coming to a cinema near you: Skyscraper

It’s almost a week to the release of Skyscraper, featuring Dwayne Johnson. Are you as excited as we are? Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect from the movie in July 2018!

Here are 3 things you should know before watching the movie!

1. Social Media

With still a month away from the release date of the movie, the above trailer released on YouTube has already garnered 15 million views!

Let’s now take a look at the top 3 most viewed videos on the movie’s official Instagram account, @skyscrapermovie.


On July 13, one man will risk everything to save his family. #SkyscraperMovie

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Hang tight. And don’t look down. #SkyscraperMovie

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Wife. Mother. Fighter. Family means never giving up. #SkyscraperMovie

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2. Audience Demographics

Revolving around the theme of family, this movie has attracted people from different walks of life. The graph on the left shows that the largest age group of followers on the official Instagram of Skyscraper are in the age range of 25-35. It also comes as little surprise that most of their followers are male since it is an action movie.

Age demographics of audience.
Gender demographics of audience.


3. The Cast

Apart from global icon, Dwayne Johnson, playing the lead role, we have Neve Campbell playing the role of his wife in the movie – what a perfect pair!

What’s more, we have a local Singaporean actor, Chin Han, starring in the movie as well!

Hannah Quinlivan – Jay Chou’s wife – is featured in this movie too!

Blown away by the cast of Skyscraper? Save the date [13 July 2018] on your calendar now to catch the full cast in action!

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