Coachella2018: First Weekend Round-Up

The first weekend of Coachella has come to a close and, whether you were at the music festival or not, here’s what has made it onto social media! If you’ve heard the word “Coachella” floating around, but never bothered to find out what it actually is, this is your chance to read our cheat sheet and learn more about this annual festival now.

Here are highlights from the festival that made it prominently on social media.

On Instagram, users largely posted photographs of other or themselves at the event location.

Golden hours in Beychella ? #coachella #coachella2018

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Your vibe attracts your tribe ✨?

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Many photographs (including the one right above) also feature the ferris wheel, an attraction that can normally be found at the LA county fair and that organizers bring over to the music festival annually.


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Of course, given users’ inclinations to post what is personally relevant and aesthetically pleasing on Instagram, many have chosen to post their free-spirited, hippie-style Coachella outfits for the weekend.

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