Influencer Marketing: #Coachella 2019 in Numbers

Part 1 of 4 in the #Coachella Series

Sunday marked the end of Coachella 2019, and this year we got to watch music legends like Childish Gambino, Ariana Grande, BLACKPINK, and The 1975 take the stage. Whether you were right there in the thick of it, or watching a live stream courtesy of YouTube from the comfort of your own home, Coachella did not fail to impress once again. Here are some key statistics that we extracted from our report on the Popular Chips platform which we thought were interesting.

1 – Audience: Total Audience Reached by #Coachella and #Coachella2019

We paid attention to 3 hashtags in particular: #Coachella, #Coachella2019, and #festivalmakeup. These hashtags experienced two significant spikes over the course of 3 weeks and I am going to explore why.

Popular Chips

In total, the use of these hashtags over the course of the festival (and a week prior) reached over 549 million people. On the 7th of April alone, an audience of 167M people interacted with either one or more of these hashtags. Considering that the first weekend fell on the 12th of April, I was curious as to why the spike occurred so early.

Here is an example of a post by @pautips — one of the influencers we tracked — who posted on 7th April. The post garnered 407K likes, and she was also one of the more Instagram-active influencers over the course of the festival. Her caption translates to: “#Coachella is almost here! 🙌😎 It’s almost Coachella 😍 Did you like this look from last year? #festival”. While she has used the 2 of the 3 hashtags, her post is in fact a pre-emptive to Coachella. She has cleverly reposted a picture from last year to inform her followers that she will be there this year.

Let’s take a look at another example:

The caption of this post, dated 8th April, reads “SO READY FOR COACHELLA” which serves as another announcement. It makes sense, then, that the statistics from 6-8th April witnessed a peak — influencers were announcing their participation or attendance at Coachella and beginning to use the relevant hashtags.

The second peak occurred over 13th and 14th April and reached over 182M people. This was the first weekend of the Coachella festival, which is reason enough for people to be using and engaging with the hashtag. Top posts included ones from @lizasoberano and @thelanawwe, amongst many other influencers and celebrities who were keen to show off their festival looks.

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Day ✌🏼 #Coachella2019

A post shared by Liza Soberano (@lizasoberano) on

As the festival progressed, influencers were likely not as diligent with the hashtags so it is natural that the noise is contained to the first weekend, and the one prior. Additionally, the first weekend is generally known to be more hyped, so one would find that most influencers gather there. 

2 – Content: Average Number of Posts and Stories Published per Influencer

We tracked 47 random influencers that were present at Coachella, 43 of whom posted during the festival.

Popular Chips

Overall, more than 200 Instagram posts and 100 stories were accumulated over the two weekends between the 43 influencers.

Here is the average posting per influencer.

3 – Engagement: Increased Average Engagement due to Experiential Influencer Marketing

According to AdWeek, experiential influencer marketing is necessary for the upkeep of a campaign or relevance.

Creating fun, visual experiences is an effective strategy for brands looking to take their influencer marketing to a new level. Brands have always sought to invest in events that allow them to develop deeper relationships with their fans and customers. Live branded experiences present an opportunity where creators can develop engaging stories for both themselves and the brands they represent.”

This is precisely the kind of exposure that influencers who attend Coachella can benefit from. All the posts and stories that the influencers we tracked put out during Coachella performed notably better than their average posts.

Popular Chips

A total of 12.65% more views and 18.16% more likes were garnered on posts related to Coachella. This is likely because of the immersive nature that event influencing entails. For example, say I follow 3 influencers all of whom are at Coachella: I get to experience the festival from 3 different perspectives, all via my phone. I am privy to live performances, booths, outfits, decor, art installations, etc. (depending on what the influencers post) without having to actually be there. This is far more engaging than static, one-off, posts which explains why a lot of brands choose to collaborate with Coachella or host parties — it gives their brand a full 2 or more weeks of constant exposure from a physical and online audience.

Instagram Stories or live videos are the best way to achieve this because they are short and interactive.

From these examples, we don’t just see pictures of outfits and makeup, removed from the main action of the festival; we also get snippets of the various performances — in all their unedited glory. This is incentive to continue watching the respective influencer’s stories for more coverage.

4 – Influencers: Top 5 #Coachella Influencers

The last thing you’re probably keen to know about Coachella 2019 is: who are the top influencers? Celebrities aside, some influencers made an indelible mark on the festival and managed to successfully leverage on such an internationally renowned event to up their social media clout.

1 – @pautips

Paula Tips, a Colombian influencer, emerged the top influencer in our study. Over the course of the festival, she put out 12 pieces of content in the form of Instagram posts and stories. Her average engagement rate was 5.75%, which is higher than her average, and she also accumulated an average of 60.9M impressions from all her content.

Here is her top performing post from Coachella.

2 – @sincerelyjules

Julie, who is originally from California ranks second. She posted 11 times over Coachella and managed to accumulate an average of 57.3M impressions. Like Paula, her engagement rate also increased as a result of her posts regarding Coachella. Her top performing post, which saw a 109.67% increase in engagement rate, is an #OOTD of her in a little pink dress.

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#coachella2019 Day 1. 🌈💕

A post shared by JULIE SARIÑANA (@sincerelyjules) on

3 – @annamariadamm

Anna Maria, who is German, comes in third with a 4.52% engagement rate (also an increase from her average) and only second to @pautips despite the gap in their audience size. Anna brought Coachella to a German audience and people were clearly excited about it.

Her top performing post is a classic — couple shot with the iconic ferris wheel in the background — and it did 76% better than her usual posts.

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COACHELLA’19 🔥 #coachella2019 📸 @lejannik

A post shared by Anna Maria Damm (@annamariadamm) on

4 – @maureennaudts

Maureen Naudts is another international influencer, and has the highest engagement rate among the 5, coming in at 10.33% — a 4.93% (almost double!) increase from her average. Like Anna Maria, she brings an international festival to a local audience and her top performing post did 215% than her average.

5 – @noholita

With only 6 posts and 1 story, Camille Callen managed to accumulate 4.6M impressions from her Coachella content alone. She also experienced a 6.43% engagement rate which is a 2.32% increase from her average.

Here is her top performing post:

It is very similar to Maureen’s in terms of the style and background, which is a testament to the kind of content that audiences like.

With over 300 posts and stories making their rounds over the last 2 weekends, it is commendable that these ladies managed to stand out with their content. All of them specialize in beauty or fashion (a Coachella favourite), and also come from different parts of the world, which explains why their collective audience reach is so wide.

This is the 1st in a series of 4 articles about Coachella. Stay tuned to our second article for a detailed account of #Beychella and how it changed the face of this festival forever.


Written by Deesha Menon

Influencer Marketing at Popular Chips. Interested in social issues, narratives, books, social media, and machine learning.

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