Celebrity vs Influencer

Within the span of the last year or two, many brands have started using influencers instead of celebrities in their marketing campaigns. So, what are some key differences between celebrities and influencers? Let’s find out!

Channel through which Influence is Built

Since both celebrities and influencers have many followers on their social media platforms, we can identify the channel through which they build their influence to distinguish them. Celebrities mainly build their influence through traditional channels such as television or film. On the contrary, influencers do the same through non-traditional channels such as social media.

Audience demographics

Let us take a look at the Instagram profile of a Singaporean celebrity, Rebecca Lim (@limrebecca).

Now, let’s take a look at the audience demographic of a Singaporean influencer, Andrea Chong (@dreachong).

From the above analysis, both @dreachong and @limrebecca have a large percentage of female followers with a bulk of their followers falling in the age range of 18-35, making a significant percentage of their followers millennials. Both of them are hence ideal candidates for female-related products.


Since celebrities build their influence through traditional channels, like film and television, they often do not create as much content on their own. Instead, their content often depends on what the film’s or drama serial’s production team comes up with. On the other hand, influencers have been creating their own content with their unique personality from the get-go and they know the types of content that are able to attract their audience. This makes them better content creators. Brands can leverage on this to select influencers that fit their brand image and co-create content that promotes their product. In this way, there are minimal deviation from their usual posts and allows people to believe them more.

For an example, well-known Singaporean influencer @xiaxue featured her husband in her collaboration with @danielwellington, knowing that posts she makes featuring her husband garner very high likes. In the context of Valentine’s Day, this post garnered more than 25,000 likes; more than her average likes of about 12,000.

Matching in our @danielwellington timepieces! :watch: This valentine’s day don’t fuss, just get your partner this gorgeous Valentine’s Day set (second pic) which comes with super pretty romantic red roses:rose:(they aren’t real flowers so they won’t rot but they look SUPER realistic!) AND a super adorable little heart charm that you can stick on your DW timepieces! Little note though kinda decide carefully where you want to put the charm coz it’s a bit difficult to remove afterwards. . With interchangeable straps and so many classy choices for every occasion, who doesn’t like Daniel Wellington watches? :relaxed: . The boxes are luxurious as always, and Mike loves his new @danielwellington watch! . If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day present, I strongly recommend their Gift Sets as they have really special and pretty gift wrapping. :gift: . GOOD NEWS! Visit http://www.danielwellington.com to get all Gift Sets at 10% off, including a free heart charm till 15th Feb! Use my name <xiaxue> to get an ADDITIONAL 15% off! That’s some sweet discounts right there! Orders usually take about 4 days to arrive! It’s the right time to prepare a surprise, go ahead! . #danielwellington #sp

A post shared by Wendy Cheng :snowflake:? Xiaxue (@xiaxue) on

% Inactive Followers

Inactive followers are classified as those who are fakes/bots and followers who have not liked, commented or posted a single time on Instagram in the past 3 months. These group of followers are inactive on Instagram and will not engage with the contentt. Hence, a brand will be wasting a certain percentage of their budget on the inactive followers since this percentage of followers will certainly not interact with the sponsored post at all. Generally, celebrities tend to have a higher % of inactive followers as compared to influencers.

% inactive followers generated via Popular Chips‘s proprietary platform

This makes influencers better to work with in influencer marketing than celebrities as the former’s audience is more likely to see and engage with your co-created post.

Now that you have a better understanding of the differences between a celebrity and and influencer, who will you use in your next campaign then? We would love to hear from you!


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