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Money Heist (La Casa de Papel in Spanish) is the Number 1 show on Netflix Singapore right now. Almost all the Instagram Stories I have watched feature or talk about this show in one way or another, so it’s no surprise that it has ranked first. 

Screenshot taken from Netflix App

Even those amongst us who don’t watch the show might have heard the Italian anti-fascist song ‘Bella Ciao’, which plays multiple times during the series and became a hit across Europe in 2018. With the most recent release of Part 4, it seems like ‘bella ciao’ has gained popularity once again. 

Instagram user @yisus.saavedra created an AR Instagram Filter in honour of the song. The series is the most-watched non-English language series and one of the overall most watched Netflix TV series. Let’s take a look at the cast and their Top Performing posts on Instagram. 

1 – Tokyo – Úrsula Corberó | 14.8M Followers

2 – Denver – Jaime Lorente | 11.8M Followers

3 – Rio – Miguel Herrán | 11M Followers 

He also starred in Elite

4 – Nairobi – Alba Flores | 8.3M Followers 

5 – The Professor – Álvaro Morte | 7.7M Followers 

6 – Berlin – Pedro Alonso | 6.3M Followers 

7 – Mónica Gaztambide – Esther Acebo | 4.3M Followers 

8 – Raquel Murillo – Itziar Ituño | 3.3M Followers 

9 – Alicia Sierra – Najwa Nimri | 2.9M Followers

10 – Helsinki – Darko Perić | 2.7M Followers

11 – Martín Berrote – Rodrigo de la Serna | 1.1M Followers 

12 – Moscow – Paco Tous | 991K Followers 

13 – Arturo Román – Enrique Arce | 623K Followers

14 – Marseille – Luka Peroš | 470K Followers

15 – Manila – Belén Cuesta | 310K Followers 

16 – Colonel Luis Tamayo – Fernando Cayo | 64.2K Followers

17 – Mariví Fuentes (Raquel’s Mother) – Kiti Mánver | 20.7K Followers 

18 – Bogotá – Hovik Keuchkerian | 3.9K Followers 

We have been looking into the cast of some of TV’s most popular shows right now and so far we have covered the likes of Gentefied, The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia, I Am Not Okay With This and more. 

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