Brand Case Study: Gymshark’s Influencer Marketing Campaign on TikTok #Gymshark66

In early Jan 2020, Gymshark embarked on a 66 Days | Change Your Life Challenge on TikTok. The challenge, which runs until March 8th, is meant to encourage users of the platform to set personal (ideally fitness related goals) for themselves and continually post their progress under the hashtag #gymshark66. The incentive: whoever wins gets a year’s supply of Gymshark goodies. A pretty sweet deal if you ask me. 

In this article, we are going to delve into the campaign specifics and analyse how one of the first few brands to jump on the Instagram influencer bandwagon is now attempting to recreate that success using TikTok influencer marketing

Who are the Influencers? 

At the core of every influencer marketing campaign is, quite naturally, influencers and Gymshark has picked 6 interesting accounts to front their 66 Day Challenge. I say ‘interesting’ because 4 out of the 6 are twins, which means engaging with duos must have something to do with their strategy. Let’s take a look at each account:

1 – Leonie & Sophie | @lesotwins | 1.8M Fans

The Leso Twins i.e. Leonie & Sophie, are one out of many pairs of twins that have found their fame on TikTok. Some others are in this article as well. 

Majority of their audience is based in Germany, but other notable countries include the Philippines, France, and the US. 

Their most commonly used hashtag on TikTok is #twins, which tells us that this is their biggest selling point, and all of their videos leverage on this appeal. This hashtag currently has 16 Billion views on TikTok. 

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2 – Miranda & Melanie | @wilkingsisters | 2.0M Fans

The Wilking Sisters take part in a lot of dance challenges and are often dressed very similarly in videos. They also have a majority US following, but what is interesting to note is the age demographic that they cater to.

Their audience is particularly young, which means that what Gymshark is going for is brand awareness and reputation more than sales. 

Here is one of the videos posted on behalf of the brand, where the twins are wearing Gymshark apparel in one of their signature choreographed videos.  


UH OHH my boyfriend’s back😱😂🦓LOVE our new @gymshark set!! ##gymshark66

♬ Original Sound – Unknown

3 – Laurie Elle | @laurieelle | 3.5M Fans

Third on the list is Laurie, who’s videos centre mostly on fashion, beauty, and dance. This is clear from her top used hashtags:

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Laurie is also not new to brand ambassadorship on TikTok: so far, she has collaborated with a number of beauty and fashion brands as seen below. 

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The country distribution of her audience is centred in the US, despite the fact that she is based in the UK, which is ultimately useful for Gymshark’s campaign. 

In this video she manages to combine fashion (multiple outfit changes), dance, as well as tailor it to Gymshark which shows an element of versatility that is necessary for successful brand collaborations. 


Follow @gymshark & tag 3 friends, winner gets a £100 gift card! Winner announced in the comments in 7 days ##InPaidPartnership ##Gymshark

♬ superstar audio by kingsapphire – kingsapphire

4 – Antonie Lokhorst | @antonielokhorst | 4.2M Fans

Despite the fact that he is Dutch, the majority of Antonie’s audience is from the US, as well as Asian countries like the Philippines and India.

It is notable that prior to and during the 66 Day Challenge, Antonie’s top used hashtags include #workout and #airwalk (another fitness-related hashtag), which means that he is the only influencer in this list whose niche is fitness. 

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His Top Collaboration this year is also with Gymshark, meaning that the campaign was suited to Antonie’s audience and presence on TikTok. 

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His videos range from workout videos to challenges, as well as comedy-type videos that tend to appeal to a larger audience. Here is an example:


Your 1st and 3th @ are the Sweaty one 💦 ##workout ##gym @gymshark

♬ Go Stupid – Polo G, Stunna 4 Vegas & NLE Choppa feat. Mike WiLL Made-It

The Top Video on his page was viewed 5.8M times, which is an average engagement of 138%. 

5 – Teagan & Sam | @rybkatwinsofficial | 9.3M Fans

The Rybka Twins are based in Australia and are also a dance / gymnastics duo. This was one of their videos for Gymshark: 


Follow @gymshark like this post and tag three friends to win a brand new outfit for each of you! 😍 Winner will be chosen on the 30th of January! ##fyp

♬ original sound – madi.claire

Majority of their fans are based in the US and Australia, and it is notable that they have a proportionally higher number of female followers compared to the other influencers on this list. 

Gender distribution is always a useful metric to consider to ensure that you are targeting your desired audience.

While this campaign was focused on TikTok, some influencers did leverage on cross platform engagement to milk their content as much as possible. The Rybka Twins, for example, have a presence on Instagram and Youtube as well, and their average engagement rates on Instagram and TikTok are 5.92% and 4.94% respectively. This is higher than the industry average. 

6 – Twin Melody | @twinmelody | 10.5M Fans

Finally we have Spanish twins who go by the moniker ‘Twin Melody’ who pull in the largest audience and the highest average engagement rate of 6.30%. Like a lot of the other twins on TikTok, they are almost always wearing the exact same thing, which in retrospect is very aesthetically pleasing. 


We Heard This Was Trend,Why Not?Haha 😝😊Insta,YouTube:Twin_melody ##trend ##Twins ##foryou ##gymshark66

♬ Wannabe – Why Mona

If you scroll the #gymshark66 tag, you will find that a lot of the featured videos are by Twin Melody. Out of everyone in this list they appear to have engaged the most with the brand. 

A quick look at their country distribution chart also tells us that the majority of their audiences are in the US, and also certain parts of Asia and Mexico. 

How Do These Influencers Contribute? 

It is always important to analyse the value that influencers or brand ambassadors bring to a campaign. Gymshark is known for their well-designed influencer marketing campaigns, and their foray into TikTok appears to fulfil the goal of brand awareness amongst Gen Zs. 

  1. Each influencer covers a one or more niche areas on TikTok: dance, fitness, comedy, challenges, beauty and/or fashion. 
  2. All the influencers are from different countries, which means the campaign was intended to be global. However, one thing we can learn from the insights is that just because an influencer is based in The Netherlands for e.g., doesn’t mean that the majority of their audience is local. 
  3. The campaign target was broad, and allowed influencers to interpret it any way they desired. 
  4. While the aim was to launch a TikTok campaign, they all had a cross-platform presence which is useful in case the campaign requires boosting midway.

What Are The Results? 

The campaign hashtag currently has 157.8M views, and the official Gymshark TikTok account has witnessed an audience growth of at least 200K since the start of the campaign. By engaging with influencers that were not solely fitness-related, they managed to widen the net of viewers — the most important thing when it comes to awareness. 

Additionally, they managed to promote a healthy and active lifestyle through the 66 Day Challenge, which is immense value-added to the whole campaign. 

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Written by Deesha Menon

Influencer Marketing at Popular Chips. Interested in social issues, narratives, books, social media, and machine learning.

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