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I am a huge Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan. I think it’s a series that finally shows a new type of funny. It reminds me a bit of Scrubs but with some unexpected twirls. In many other shows you could live without some of the main characters, but in Brooklyn99 you really get to love everyone’s role and character.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine
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And since I was deeply missing the show (I am re-watching season 1), I’ve decided to catch up with the cast on Instagram. With a few exceptions (Andre Braugher why you no have an IG account???) you can keep having fun with the cast on Instagram while we wait for the new season next September.

Jake Peralta – Andy Samberg


Can’t not love him


Amy Santiago – Melissa Fumero


Not so nerdy in real life, bummer!


Rosa Diaz – Stephanie Beatriz


Our favorite Badass!


Terry Jeffords – Terry Crews


He has his own Meme and he knows how to use it! Terry loves Memes (and yogurt).


Charles Boyle – Joe Lo Truglio


He’s a real-life Super Papa and my personal favorite character in the Series.


Gina Linetti – Chelsea Peretti


The coolest person alive. Would truly love to have a conversation with her exclusively about Beyonce.


BONUS: Someone asked for Hitchcock?


Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) is not on IG yet, but Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker) is! And we all love him…

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