*British Secret Agent’s Instagram Account revealed!* Johnny English 3: Strikes Again!

After 7 years of long wait, we finally have another chance to catch Johnny English aka Mr Bean aka Rowan Atkinson on the big screen in October! It is a PG movie so everyone can go enjoy it. Just like the previous Johnny English movies, the second sequel will continue to bring us adrenaline rush and laughter.

In this second sequel of the Johnny English franchise, Johnny is forced to come out of retirement due to a cyber attack on the British Intelligence that revealed all the identity of active undercover agents in Britain. Being the last hope of the Secret Service, Johnny will have to put his prodigious skills back to work and find the mastermind behind all these.

In an effort to understand more about the technology and the internet, Johnny English has created an Instagram account for himself (@johnnyenglish).

How do we know that it is him? Well, his Instagram bio says that he is a secret agent from M17. We have to trust his honesty right? In just a matter of 3 months, Johnny has already gotten himself 66.5K followers. Guess he is not that secret after all.

Not only does “Johnny” posts about his 3rd adventure, he does throw backs once in a while. Below is the most liked post from Johnny’s #TBT series. Look who’s keeping up with trends!


Looking from the distribution of genders and geographic location of Johnny’s Instagram followers, seems like everyone is equally excited about the movie, and of course that includes me!

Sample graph for gender distribution via Popular Chips‘s proprietary platform
Sample graph for geographic distribution via Popular Chips‘s proprietary platform










In the movie, Johnny will be breaking all odds with all-time sidekick Angus Bough, played by Ben Miller. The new female lead this time will be played by Ukrainian-French actress and model Olga Kurylenko. Now let us enjoy the Official trailer for Johnny English Strikes Again!





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