How Brands are Using ASMR in their Influencer Marketing Strategy

Caution: Some major ASMR going on in this article!


The abbreviation for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – the response that triggers a tingling, subtle sense of euphoria which can later turn into relaxation.

Brands have realised the potential of using ASMR to improve their marketing strategy and so, more and more brands are beginning to incorporate ASMR into Influencer Marketing.

One of the latest brands to hop onto the bandwagon of ASMR Influencer Marketing was Gucci. The #24HourAce campaign was incredibly successful as their ASMR videos quickly garnered millions of views within a short time span. However, Gucci is not the first brand to perform exceedingly well in such ASMR Influencer Marketing Strategies. 

In this article, I want to introduce you to three other brands that have created viral advertisements before Gucci by combining ASMR with Influencer Marketing.

Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold

Released just this year in January, the Michelob ULTRA Pure Gold advertisement featuring Zoë Kravitz has garnered over 17M views on YouTube to date. It is now the prime example of an incredibly successful ASMR brand advertisement.

Michelob ULTRA YouTube Channel

In this advertisement, Zoë Kravitz gives you the ultimate ASMR experience with Michelob ULTRA’s Pure Gold beer. The advertisement combines her soothing whispers with the bright sounds of Zoë clinking her nails against the glass bottle and the fizz of the freshly-opened bottle of beer. It almost feels as if you were there.

The video further supplements the pure and refreshing taste of the beer as Zoë Kravitz sits high in the mountains amidst waterfalls and a variety of flora. The gold jewellery that she adorns then subtly accentuates and complements the golden hues of the beer.

And while the ASMR video is perfection, so is Zoë Kravitz.

This singer/actress stars in the HBO hit series Big Little Lies as Bonnie Carlson. She is also a star on social media with well over 4.6M followers on Instagram. With a gorgeous Celebrity Influencer like Zoë Kravitz as the face of the advertisement, many are sure to stay tuned.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II is another brand that has used ASMR in Influencer Marketing. As part of their Influencer Marketing Campaign titled ‘#BareSkinChat’, SK-II engaged James Corden and Chloe Moretz, as well as Naomi Watanabe and Kasumi Arimura. Each of these influencers is the master of their craft in their home ground and stars on Instagram with millions of followers.

Unlike Michelob ULTRA, the brand took on a more comical route to their ASMR video, all while highlighting their Facial Treatment Essence. 

But hang on a moment. I know it’s strange because you can probably understand why a bottle of beer deserves an ASMR video, but skincare? Well, James Corden gives you the answer in his video below.

SK-II YouTube Channel

It’s not about how your skin looks, it’s about how it sounds.

James Corden
SK-II YouTube Channel

Both advertisements show the celebrities using various objects that can be found in the bathroom such as hairbrushes, combs and even a glass door to create the ASMR video. They then end off by unboxing the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, which cleverly combines ASMR with a less elaborate version of the classic unboxing videos that lots of YouTube influencers do.


From the opening of the packaging… to the opening of the bottle cap… to dribbling the translucent liquid onto their hands… and to finally patting it onto their skin, the video literally lets viewers HEAR them unbox the product.

And well, I don’t know about you, but I definitely like watching and hearing the whole unboxing process. 

Or maybe it’s just me.

Both of the videos have over 4.5M views on YouTube combined, showing the success of these ASMR videos when combined with Influencer Marketing.

LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics

LUSH Cosmetics took their ASMR Influencer Marketing game to the highest level when they engaged an actual ASMR influencer – ASMR Darling for their own version of Harper’s Bazaar ‘Go To Bed With Me’ video.

LUSH Cosmetics North America YouTube Channel

ASMR Darling is a YouTube influencer with over 2.3M subscribers and an average video view of 2.8M views (according to Popular Chips). As her YouTube handle suggests, her channel is literally all about ASMR videos, so who better to do an ASMR advertisement than ASMR Darling herself?

The 16-minute video is the oldest advertisement in this list, having been published in December 2017. It has over 1.6M views on YouTube and viewers are loving this collaboration between ASMR Darling and LUSH Cosmetics.

LUSH Cosmetics also made sure to give ASMR Darling free reign over the video as she stayed true to her own style and colour as a YouTuber. Some viewers did not even realise that this was an advertisement!

This is incredibly important for any type of influencer marketing as consumers are placing an increasing emphasis on authenticity in paid advertising. Influencers who promote products that they truly enjoy using generally receive a more positive response from consumers.

This element of authenticity coupled with the choice of influencer and the incredible amount of ASMR in this video are likely the main reasons why this advertisement was a success. I mean, just look at all that ASMR going on in that video (and this isn’t even the full list).

These are the three brands that have created viral advertisements by combining ASMR with Influencer Marketing.

But before you click this tab away, I would like to give a special shoutout to two particular brands

1) KFC: For their interesting attempt at a series of ASMR marketing videos [KFChill];

2) Scotch: For making me incredibly hungry with an unexpected ASMR marketing video.

Trust me, you will not see (hear) this coming.

KFC UK and Ireland YouTube Channel
3M Singapore YouTube Channel

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