Brand Case Study: 3 Ways That Thinx Stays Ahead of the Influencer Marketing Game

Did You Know: CBS and BBC America banned Thinx’s ad ‘MENstruation’ because it depicted a tampon string? Watch it here: 

Background on Thinx

Thinx (@shethinx) is a brand of period-proof underwear that aims to make having periods (an inescapable reality for some of us) as environmentally conscious and hassle-free as possible. Much like the recent SKIMS endeavour by Kim K, Thinx produces underwear for all shapes and sizes, except for them it’s about more than just looking good in a bodycon evening dress. Their product claims to be able to hold 4 tampons worth and is fully reusable. 

The brand account on Instagram charts a commendable audience growth rate of 6.38% which is more than 6 times higher than the average audience growth rate for brand accounts. Additionally, 72.86% of their followers are female, which is considered a very high percentage. Majority of their followers are also aged between 25-35 years old.

More importantly, Thinx dares to push boundaries. Their ad (linked above) might be considered controversial due to the (1) display of feminie hygiene products (2) on men, but it is necessary in this climate. 

“If we all had them, maybe we’d be more comfortable with them”


Let’s take a look at how & why their account is so popular with the masses. 

1 – Celebrity Ambassadors with the Same Values  

In their most recent collab which dropped 5 days ago, Thinx announced that their new ambassador is none other than Ilana Glazer (@ilana) whom I know and love from Broad City.

People are unsurprisingly very excited about this collaboration, because Ilana is truly a perfect fit. 

Ilana embodies female empowerment and feminist ideals all the time. Whether she is tackling the issue head on or simply living like a strong WHOMAN (as she calls it), she truly is one of the cornerstones of equality in the celebrity world. Her top performing post this year is this official shot of her and @abbijacobson for @cultured_mag

Ilana’s post for @shethinx is her 4th Most Liked post this year and received a 16% Engagement Rate, which is 4 times her average. This further proves how much both parties are in line when it comes to their principles and ethos. 

As for Thinx, their both their posts with Ilana made it to their Top Liked posts. 

Most importantly for the brand, however, is the level of conversion that they can gain from this campaign / collaboration. As seen in the diagram below, @shethinx and @ilana don’t have a great deal of followers in common, which means that picking her as an ambassador is ideal for brand awareness and conversion — the 1.3M people who already follow Ilana and relate to her stance will very likely also enjoy the content that Thinx posts on Instagram, thus giving them exposure. 

2 – Diverse Representation

Another great thing about Thinx is that they feature various kinds of women in their content and marketing collateral — something that a lot of brands have only just begun to do. Take a look at this post, for example, which features women who look so different and also includes some non-binary representation. 

The brand doesn’t make an issue of this — it is not in their caption, and it isn’t overtly pointed out. It is simply a natural state of affairs, the way it should be.

Another great thing that they do is use inclusive language. 

Using the term ‘people’ instead of women is gender inclusive, which makes individuals who do not identify with she/her pronouns but nevertheless experience periods feel like they are seen by the brand. This isn’t just a socially and politically progessive thing to do, but also widens the scope of plausible target audiences and consumers from the perspective of good marketing values. 

3 – The Perfect Mix of Content

Marketing collateral is extremely important, whether you are running a brand ambassador / influencer marketing campaign or just posting on a day-to-day basis. @shethinx achieves a great balance of various kinds of content while at the same time ensuring that it all feeds into the same umbrella message. 

Take a look at all their top-performing content on Instagram:

There are posed shots, statistical infographics, meme-like content, Twitter screenshots, and re-posts from influencers. The content is a mix of educational, promotional, and relatable which means that is caters to a wide variety of people. 

For example, the Top Liked post in August was a screenshot from Broad City, and the Top Commented post was a screenshot from Twitter about the treatment of migrant children. 

Thinx holds strong beliefs about femininity, human rights, as well as access to period products and they reiterate this stance through various forms of content, thus strengthening their Instagram presence. 

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Written by Deesha Menon

Influencer Marketing at Popular Chips. Interested in social issues, narratives, books, social media, and machine learning.

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