Beyonce’s Instagram Post Of Twins Breaks Record

Twins Beyonce


For one month, Beyonce and Jay-Z have kept their twins identities under wraps. In anticipation, fans have even come up with a few suggestions for their names.

To Jimmy Kimmel‘s disappointment and our delightful surprise, Beyonce finally rolled out an Instagram post last Friday, revealing her post- birth body and confirming her twins’ names: Sir Carter and Rumi.


It completely broke social media.


This is probably the hottest news we’ve received from Bey since she left Destiny’s Child. So it’s no surprise that their celebratory picture was all over the internet.


But it’s the ‘morning after’ and we are hungry for more information. Luckily for us, I found out that this post completely shot up the roof of her Instagram account and decided to dig further.


In this article, I used Popular Chips analytics to compile some interesting facts that Beyonce fans like myself would want to know about this Instagram post.


Top Post

It has the highest engagement of 9.7m likes and 305k comments of all posts in the last three months.


Amongst posts in the past 6 months, it comes second to her photo posted pre- birth, which also emulates the same artistic Virgin-Mary-vibe which stands at 11.1m likes and 546k comments.

However, given the age of the post, I’d expect the numbers of the twins’ picture to grow exponentially in the next few weeks and assume the number one spot in history.


Top Performance

There’s a 200% increase in likes as compared to her average of 3.1m likes and 600% increase in comments as compared to her average of 44k comments


And as if that isn’t impressive enough, the performance of Beyonce’s post has far exceeded the top posts of @taylorswift and @selenagomez. Click their names to check out the stats for yourself!


New followers

Beyonce’s Instagram account saw one of the biggest jumps in history with 339k followers joining her account on the day Sir Carter and Rumi made their debut.


So those are some fun facts about Beyonce’s Instagram post of her twins.


What interesting facts do you know about Sir Carter and Rumi? Don’t be stingy, share them in the comments!



Written by Terri Tan

I am a quirky individual currently working with influencer marketing analytics startup, Popular Chips. I love writing about sassy and trendy topics, especially those related to marketing. Hit me up if you have any queries~

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