Beauty Influencer interview: @roseandben (@makeupbyrosexoxo)

Rose Siard

Welcome to a new appointment with Popular Chips’ influencer interviews. Today, we have the wonderful opportunity of having the gorgeous Rose Siard, a make-up artist and singer-songwriter with us. Of Scottish roots, Rose is living in Houston, Texas and here are some quick stats about her:

Username: @roseandben
Full Name: Rose Siard
Followers: 420.4k on IG, 48k on YT
Average Video Views: 102, 354
Average IGTV Views: 167,160
Average Likes: 5k

We also asked Rose 10 questions about herself as well as about life as an influential make up artist:

1. When Did You Start Being Serious About Becoming A Full-time Influencer?

I was serious as soon as I started. People were asking for help with their makeup and I took that very seriously.

As a makeup artist, Rose posts a lot of tutorials for her following to watch, each of them garnering more than 100,000 views.

2. THE Makeup Item You Cannot Live Without?

The beauty product I can’t live without is Soap for my brows

3. Which App Or Software Do You Use For Editing Your IG Posts?

I use VSCO and Afterlight for pictures and for my videos, I use Sony Vegas Pro.

4. Best Moment Or Collaboration In Your Influencer Career?

I think the most memorable experience I had was doing a collaboration with Kendo for Formula X nail polish for Sephora.

And headed onto some more personal questions:

5. What’s Your Favourite Snack/Food?

My all time favourite snack food is Cheez Its!

Courtesy of eatingrules

6. What About Your Favourite TV Series At The Moment?

I don’t watch TV much but if I do it’s definitely related to animals

7. You have a few lovely kitties and a beautiful dog, is there one particular darling who is your spirit animal and if so, what’s the quality?

Douglas is my true companion, he goes everywhere with me. If I go on a date with my husband he stays with my Mother, he has never been home alone.
But I do feel I have more qualities of my cats. They are very friendly and loving to everyone and they are always calm.

Rose and Douglas, courtesy of Formula X

8. What Do You Do To Make You Feel Better When You’ve Had a Bad Day or Feel Down?

Well, bad days are days you can’t control so I never try to control my days. Hence I don’t have bad days.

9. 1 Thing People Would Be Surprised To Know About You

I am a singer-songwriter along with my husband Ben❤️

10. Last question, if you could be one musical instrument, what would it be and why?

As a musical instrument I would be a guitar. My husband plays the guitar and we have been in a duet writing our songs and playing everywhere since I was 14. 
And there is nothing you can’t play on a guitar.

With that, our interview section with @roseandben (@makeupbyrosexoxo) came to an end and we’re so happy to have had this opportunity to speak with such a sweet and down-to-earth individual like herself 🙂

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