Be Inspired and Stay Ahead, 5 Ways to Use Instagram Highlight

Inspirations from the best examples

When Instagram first started, it was something like a personal pictorial diary for users to capture the best moments in their lives and post them on the social media platform to share with their friends.

Then came Snapchat that gave a different experience – disappearing (24 hours) content, allowing users to capture spontaneous experiences and share them with their friends. Instagram was quick to hop onto the trend, offering Instagram Stories and providing users, influencers, and brands with endless possibilities. Unglamorous selfies, weird antics, funny faces and exclusive behind-the-scenes–all the authentic moments that wouldn’t have made it to the official permanent Instagram feed.

But of course, Instagram won’t just stop here. As usage of Instagram stories surpasses Snapchat and they become an increasingly integral part of Instagram, users are seeking more from stories – users want to be able to keep these moments longer and integrate it as a part of their profile.

Instagram Highlight is going to to be the first thing users see when they visit an Instagram profile – these Highlights, as its name suggests, showcases key moments that an influencer would like to share using stories format.

Highlight serves as a preview of an influencer’s entire Instagram profile – be targeted and attention-grabbing to convert any user who is visiting your profile into a follower. 

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Instagram Highlight comes together with the Instagram Archive feature. Stories Archive automatically saves all IG stories privately where users can revisit their favorite moment and make them permanent by sharing it as a post or adding it to a highlight on the profile.

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Users can then choose the stories they want from Archive and create themed Highlights to fully express themselves. Each Highlight includes a group of stories that will be kept longer than 24 hours. These Highlights are located on the profile page, right below the biography section.

The highlight is a feature that is enhancing our Instagram profile and increasing engagement with followers. This is especially true for brands and influencers who can now transform authentic, in-the-moment stories into a preview/trailer on their profile.

Here are some examples of brands and influencers making use of Instagram Highlight to further build their profile and excite their followers. Not sure how to theme the highlights? Get inspired by these accounts and stay ahead on Instagram!


1. Showcase products, guides and tutorials


This is probably the most common theme for highlight – especially so for brands. Highlight can act as a interactive product catalog in the form of IG stories. For @Zoella, she shares her beauty product under her Zoella Beauty line through the “Products” highlight. The same goes for @Maybelline, which created a IG stories product catalog for their Powder Matte lipstick series.

For fashion ecommerce such as @LoveBonito and @TheClosetLover, they are creating a series of different highlights to share more information about their fashion line from displaying new arrivals to sharing contests and Christmas gift ideas.

In addition to showcasing their products through “Swatches” and “Stardust!”, @MilkMakeup also has a “How-To” highlight which shows users how to create different makeup looks using their product.

In light of the festive season, @ASOS created a series of gifting guide stories under its highlight with the last story directing users to swipe up for a link to their new Gift Assistant Bot.


2. Show exclusives of various event

For @MakeUpForEver, they made use of highlight to share exclusive behind the scenes for various events such as their art session in store “Life is a stage” and studio shoots “Backstage”.

Jerrod Blandino Co-Founder, Chief Creative Officer of @TwoFacedCosmetics made a visit to the London store and the highlight compiled a series of stories following him through his time there.


3. Introduce influencers, partners and campaigns


For brands with a strong presence on Instagram and who often work with different personalities, we see them making use of dedicated highlights to give a special shoutout and introduce the faces of their models and influencers. For example, @MissGuided created a highlight for their #MakeYourMark competition and campaign and introduce the Babes of MissGuided.

@Refinery29 created the “A-List” highlight which covers various events’ behind the scenes and also includes short interviews with different influencers/ celebrities.

For @CalvinKlein, their highlight “Kode W/ Klossy” features shots from an event they hosted with model @KarlieKloss and @KodeWithKlossy. Another way of introducing and sharing content from partner comes from the end of consumers – @Glossier has an entire highlight dedicated to featuring customer reviews of their products.


4. Snippets of life

Influencers have been doing things slightly differently. We see them grouping their highlights into various daily snippets such as outfit ideas (OOTD), travel experience, fashion finds as they shop or even moments with their special someone. Influencer @ChriselleLim compiled an entire highlight named “CLOCLO” which shares all the small moments with her daughter Chloe.


5. Other interesting highlights!

@TiffanyandCo created a series of “Follow Me” highlights where a wooden figurine is seen posing with the Tiffany gift boxes at various locations. This is all part of their #ATiffanyHoliday stop motion video campaign. @UrbanDecayCosmetics had some furry special guests at their Headquarters and they were introduced in a series of Instagram stories under “UDHQ Puppies”.

These are just some ideas and we can wait to see Highlights take off with more interesting content!

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