Automated “My Influencers” Listen Report

Popular Chips just released a new feature which automatically collects all the posts published by all influencers added under MY INFLUENCERS and generates everything into a single report. This means that you don’t have to manually feed individual accounts into the platform when creating the report, nor do you have to create a new one when you have a new influencer. The system does it for you.

Example of the automated report

Here is a list of notable features in this automated report:

  1. Like the usual Listen report, the ‘Refine’ function is still available for you to generate cleaner, more specific data to meet your goalYou can filter by keyword, hashtag, or brand mention, and filter by performances (e.g. engagement rate)
  2. The report updates its information every day
  3. The report displays data from a single day by default, but you can refine the date up to 6 months (or more by request)
  4. The sorting functions remain the same as a Listen report, and timeline can be adjusted using the calendar

Want to activate this report to your account?

Simply drop us a message at Popular Chips chatroom or alternatively you can email us at and we’ll get it sorted.

Written by Sohyee Ong

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