Augment Your Customers’ Realities with Snapchat’s New Lens Studio

Snapchat introduced Lens Studio a few days ago, allowing anyone to create their own lenses and introduce them to the world.

While this is great for hobbyists, it also spells exciting things for brands.

What This Means For Brands

I. Advertise on Snapchat for Free

As long as your brand has a creative team who has some experience in 3D object creation and animation, it’s now possible to reach out to potential customers on Snapchat, even if you are on a tight budget. While Snapchat has made advertising on lenses possible for some time through sponsored lenses, these sorts of advertisement are known to cost anywhere from $450 000 to $700 000 USD. This effectively restricted advertisement via lenses to large consumer brands, but the introduction of Lens Studio, which is free to download and use on any Windows or Mac desktop, changes all of that.

Do note that Lens Studio is currently limited to the creation of World Lenses (accessible via the rear-facing camera), so brands who want to have their names appear on Face Lenses still need to sponsor a lens.

II. Your Chance to Go Viral

Remember the dancing hot dog World Lens that made it into so many memes?

Here’s a chance for your brand to create something equally viral! Since Snapchat is an app that is used mostly by Generation Z, who are currently teenagers and who are most likely to make and share memes, there is a higher likelihood that a World Lens you create and share on Snapchat is likely to become talk of the town.

Every time you successfully create and submit a World Lens, Snapchat will issue you with a Snapcode, which lasts for 24 hours. This seems like a very short period of time, but these codes can be shared more than once and recipients can also choose to share them with other friends through the app. Of course, this isn’t as effective as having a sponsored lens, which automatically appears when users take a snap, but you will still have users interacting with your company’s lens, even if your reach isn’t as wide.

III. Reach a Targeted Audience

If your brand’s target consumer base is between the ages of 12-17 and lives in the US, it seems like Snapchat is still the best social media platform through which to reach them.

Not only do most teenagers in the US (83.4%) access Snapchat at least once per month, they also prefer the yellow ghost to other social media platforms. While apps like Instagram and Facebook may help you reach millennials, Generation Y and X, baby boomers as well as those who live outside of the US, it is Snapchat that will get your message across to American teenagers of today.

Lenses are an integral part of the Snapchat user experience and with Lens Studio, Snapchat has just made it easier for your brand to create content that resonates with your target consumer base. Will you be the first to create the next piece of viral content? You will never know until you try!

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