Artbox Singapore – Second Edition – and 4 Influencers Who Went

“Sometimes a break from your studying or working routine is the very thing you need”… Speaking of taking a break, have you checked out Artbox Singapore?

Artbox Singapore, Singapore’s biggest pop-up creative market has returned to town for the second time. With its first edition attracting crowds but also creating a host of problems, this improved second edition was definitely bigger and better than before!

This event took place from 25 to 27 May at the Bayfront Event space at Marina Bay. Artbox is Singapore’s largest creative market, which comprises over 400 regional and local creative makers and partners. Filled with a wide variety of food, interactive activities, art installations and shopping, Artbox is a market that caters to people of all ages.

Here are some pictures taken from Artbox Singapore’s official Instagram page, which showcase what was found during the event.

Yes, all this food was found at Artbox! Don’t these mouth-watering delicacies make you feel hungry just by looking at these pictures? Though slightly expensive, these food items definitely look like they are something to die for.

These beautiful spots make the perfect places for picture-taking for you and your friends, especially if you want upload them onto the ‘gram and share your trip to Artbox with others!

Artbox certainly didn’t disappoint the shopaholics out there! Not only were there savoury foods to feast on and beautiful backdrops with which to take awesome photos, those who wanted to indulge themselves in a small shopping spree could do so too!

Some of the highlights of Artbox Singapore were the chill out hammocks, busking performances, fairy lights, vintage cars and kombi vans, Chang beer garden, and free tattoos by MTV Asia.

Don’t these hammocks make you feel like you want to lie in them too?

These pictures do not do justice to just how pretty the fairy lights were, especially at night. It’s amazing how the soft glow of the fairy lights just makes the whole atmosphere right.

For those looking for temporary and painless fun, consider getting these temporary tattoos done there for free!

What better way to end off your time at Artbox than to listen to buskers while enjoying the lively mood all around?

Here are some insights from influencers who have checked out Artbox from 25 to 27 May.

Influencer Ang Qiu Ting (@bongqiuqiu) had a stall set up at Artbox Singapore selling sweet treats under her store @cerealcitizen, catering to those with a sweet tooth. Additionally, she managed to capture a really amazing moment of the beautiful sky together with the fairy lights of Artbox as seen in the picture above.

Check out to find out more about his experience at Artbox Singapore. Additionally, he has also provided a comprehensive food guide on the event, including pictures of the many different food and beverage items he tried, to their prices and his opinion on them. For those who are considering going to this fair, his blog post on Artbox Singapore will surely give you detailed insight as to how the event was.

Take a look at influencer Gerald Png‘s Instagram page for more photos from his trip to Artbox Singapore! All those food photos will definitely trigger your tastebuds and make you hungry.

Spoiling to take photos for the ‘gram? In addition to having found yummy yoghurt at Artbox, Larry Lakizy also found places in the venue that are perfect for photo-taking, such as in the two photos as shown above.

Here, Alvin captured a moment with his child, Asher, standing in front of the Artbox backdrop, with the caption “Kids can be hipster too.”, telling us that age does not matter if you want to have fun.

Besides good food, the accompaniment of creative art installations definitely made walking through the crowded Artbox market a more relaxing experience.

If you have missed your opportunity to check out Artbox Singapore from 25 to 27 May, fret not! This event will take place again from 1 to 3 June, so do check out this amazing pop-up creative market this time!

For more information, you can take a look at Artbox Singapore’s Instagram page or official web page.

Do make sure to mark these dates (1 to 3 June) down on your calendar, so that you will not miss this chance again!

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