#ARIVENCHY: A Grande Influencer Marketing Campaign By Givenchy

On 9 May 2019, @Givenchyofficial first posted a teaser for their newest muse for Fall/Winter 2019:

While the photo was a mere silhouette, the ‘trademark’ high ponytail and long, wispy lashes was a dead giveaway to who Givenchy was welcoming to the #GIVENCHYFAMILY.

The very next day, Ariana Grande was formally announced as the newest muse for Givenchy with an aptly titled caption #ARIVENCHY. In this post, @arianagrande’s face was still not visible and instead, her ubiquitous mane took the centre stage in Givenchy’s iconic ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s‘ black dress:

Fast forward to July 12 2019, Givenchy finally reveals Ari’s face as well as a countdown to the release of the #GIVENCHYFW19 campaign (which was to be July 15, 2019) in a monochromatic shot. Ariana was wearing her famous cat-liner and sported a beautiful high collar ruffled top, possibly a clothing piece from the FW19 collection and sparked 1,212 comments within a mere 3 days.

Then yesterday came the release of the collection, with this first picture (of 15 posts to be published on Givenchy’s profile for the FW19 campaign):

Courtesy of @givenchyofficial

Ariana’s ‘Grande’ Following

Ariana definitely lives up to her family name ‘Grande’. Italian for ‘large’, @ArianaGrande is currently one of the biggest stars on the planet today. Actually, she is the influencer with the 3rd highest following on Instagram, the social media platform that has over 1 billion users, right behind @cristianoronaldo and @instagram.

Top 10 accounts on Instagram, provided by Popular Chips

Ariana has the potential to stir the attention of millions of her fans (160 million to be exact), which translates to high chances of conversion to Givenchy.

@arianagrande’s audience growth in the last 30 days, provided by Popular Chips

Her account is also seeing a healthy growth rate of 1.45%, which is about an additional 1.1 million in the last month. This means that there is only an evergrowing amount of people who would be exposed to the campaign.

The Impact So Far

The teaser on @givenchyofficial’s account was insanely successful:

@givenchyofficial’s top posts in the last quarter, provided by Popular Chips

Garnering 322k likes on Instagram. Her teaser is not only just the most-liked post of the current quarter. Through 2019 (so far), there has not been a post that did better than hers, even ones that featured other prolific stars. Moreover, this campaign is now the most talked-about campaign on @givenchyofficial so far with 13k comments to date.

So far, Givenchy has published 6 countdown photos and 9 simultaneous pictures of the 15 shots for the FW2019 collection:

Courtesy of @givenchyofficial

Despite the simultaneous posting, the number of likes and comments has not dwindled, with the latest post receiving 96k likes within 11 hours of posting.

In fact, upon looking at @givenchyofficial’s top-performing posts within the last 3 months:

@givenchyofficial’s top post in the last 3 months, provided by Popular Chips

All top 10 posts are from Ariana Grande’s campaign, averaging out to 150,280 likes per post.

Image engagement rates of @givenchyofficial for May-July 2019, provided by Popular Chips

There has also been an increase in engagement rates from June to July, from 0.14 to 0.25, equivalent to a good 56% increase in engagement rates.


For this campaign, Givenchy created a dedicated hashtag #ARIVENCHY in addition to their #GIVENCHYFW19 hashtag. This unique tag (made by mashing Ariana and Givenchy together) has now been used in 20,070 posts (and counting) for magazines as well as people from the fashion industry to address this collection and is very memorable for all who see it.


As Ariana finishes the first leg of her ‘Sweetener’ tour, she’ll likely have more time and might post more about her campaign with Givenchy on her own account, which would exponentially increase the buzz on the campaign. So if you’re thinking of getting pieces from the FW2019, I’d recommend doing it before everyone else does!

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