Are Consumers Following Your Influencer?

The target audience of any influencer marketing campaign is the influencers’ followers. These are the consumers that brands wish to reach out to and to have purchase their products or services. So how many of your influencers’ followers are actually consumers? How many of them are other influencers, who are likely to have consumption patterns that are different from the regular consumer? If you don’t yet know this information, it’s time for you to find out!

Why it is Important

Take a look at the two examples given below of actual influencers and their statistics.

Although Influencer A has a higher number of absolute followers, only 32% of their audience are consumers. Influencer B, on the other hand, has fewer followers, but 80% of their audience are consumers. In terms of absolute number of followers who are consumers, then, it is Influencer B who wins, with approximately 1700 more followers who are consumers than Influencer A.

If both of these influencers fare similarly in other important metrics, such as average engagement, brands might be inclined to collaborate with Influencer A, since they have a higher reach and are more likely to have their posts seen by a greater number of people. In this case, however, the information we have provided on the percentage of consumers suggests that it would make more sense to work with Influencer B, since it is Influencer B whose audience has both a higher percentage as well as a higher absolute number who are more likely to consume Instagram posts like a regular consumer.

How to Identify a Consumer

The first metric Popular Chips uses to identify consumers on Instagram is their number of followers. If a follower of an influencer has fewer than 500 followers, they can be considered a regular consumer. We understand, however, that this metric may not be generalizable across all countries, and so we have provided more precise data in the form of a few pie charts as well.

Number of Followers of a Follower

We give you information about the percentage of an influencer’s followers who belong to various categories. Those who have fewer than 10 followers, between 10–99 followers, 100–499 followers, 500–2499 followers, 2499–4999 followers, 5000–14 999 followers, 15 000–99 999 followers and 100K–1M followers and finally more than 1M followers.

This allows you to assess not just the percentage of consumers available in your influencers’ follower pool but also the percentage of these followers who are likely to be micro-influencers, mega-influencers and celebrities. Since each of these groups of individuals are likely to have different consumption patterns on Instagram, it is good to know what percentage of your influencers’ followers they consist, so that if you do hire the influencer, you know whom their post is likely to reach.

Number of Accounts a Follower Follows

We also provide you information about the number of accounts the influencer’s followers are following. This gives you a better idea of how likely these followers are to see your influencer’s post on Instagram.

Given that the Instagram algorithm does not show every post made by every person a user is following or show posts in chronological order any longer, the number of followers an influencer’s followers have can have a significant impact on how likely these followers are to actually see the influencer’s post. For an example, an influencer’s post is less likely to be seen by a follower who follows 800 accounts than one who follows 400 accounts.

At the same time, the number of accounts these followers follow can also give you a quick idea of how active these users are on Instagram. If an influencer has many followers following fewer than 10 accounts, for an example, they are quite unlikely to be very active on the social media platform.

Number of Posts

Finally, we also show you the number of posts made by the influencer’s followers so that you can get an even better idea of how active these followers are on Instagram. If an influencer has many followers who have made fewer than 5 posts, this might be an indication that they are not very active, or that these are fake accounts.

We hope you’ve found this post useful and that you now see the importance of finding out about the percentage of an influencer’s followers who are consumers. All of this information can be obtained manually from Instagram, but if you wish to have it readily available to you, do check out the Popular Chips proprietary platform.

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