A Peek Into Amazon’s Influencer Marketing Strategy For Prime Day

Amazon’s Prime Day is almost over!

If you haven’t heard, Prime Day is Amazon’s exclusive event for Prime members worldwide, where tons of products in different categories go on sale. This year, Prime Day is held over a period of two days – July 15 and 16.

The highly anticipated sale went bigger and bolder this year, especially with its marketing and pre-sales events. In fact, their Influencer Marketing strategy revolved mainly around celebrities and macro-influencers, an interesting strategy given that many brands are now turning to micro- and even nano-influencers to boost their authenticity and engagement. This is, of course, not to say that Amazon’s strategy is erroneous since each strategy depends on its desired outcome – reach versus authenticity versus engagement.

So then, let’s jump right into the breakdown of Amazon’s Influencer Marketing Strategy for this year’s Prime Day.

1) The #PrimeLife Tour

A number of social media influencers got a huge treat this year as they were invited on an exclusive Amazon tour around New York City before the actual Prime Day sales begin. Many took this opportunity to document and share their experience of the exclusive tour on Instagram. They got to experience the #PrimeLife as they were taken to Whole Foods, where they enjoyed discounts on their buys

Amazon Books physical store

Amazon Prime Now Fulfillment Centre

Amazon Go

And even Amazon’s 4-star store!

All videos are courtesy of @karlierae

Many of the influencers invited on the tour were macro-influencers like @karlierae, @simplyyue and @melisfit_ with at least 100k followers. Their Instagram story documenting the experience thus gave thousands of followers the chance to get in on this exclusive tour with them and piqued interest in Amazon’s services.

2) Prime Day Concert

On July 10, Amazon Music organised a Prime Day Concert in both the United States and the United Kingdom. 

Prime Day Concert [United States]

The Prime Day Concert in the US featured popular singers like Taylor Swift, Becky G, SZA and Dua Lipa, and was hosted by YouTuber Tyler Oakley and Actress Jane Lynch.

As part of the #PrimeLife tour, the influencers then got a chance to enjoy the Prime Day Concert in the US alongside other celebrities like Katelyn Tarver, who was also spotted partying it up at the concert.

Video is courtesy of @katelyntarver

Prime Day Concert [United Kingdom]

The Prime Day Concert in the UK then featured Rita Ora and Ray BLK as headliners.

Like the Prime Day Concert in the US, social media influencers like Brittany Sky and celebrities like TV Presenter Will Njobvu were invited to the concert.

Amazon Prime Members and influencers who were unable to attend the concert could instead stream the concert on Prime Video. Many influencers thus took this opportunity to throw parties while enjoying the Prime Day Concert with friends and family from the comfort of their homes.

Videos are courtesy of @keegantaylor13

3) Traditional Marketing and Influencer Marketing

For the Prime Day Concert, Amazon decided to combine Influencer Marketing with Traditional Marketing. Billboard advertisements promoting the concert were plastered throughout cities in the US.

Becky G then helped to further promote the event by encouraging fans to snap photos of the billboard advertisements and tag her on Instagram.

4) Celebrity Recommendations

Amazon then continues to leverage on the power of Influencer Marketing by engaging more Celebrity Influencers.

For Prime Day, they are collaborating with celebrities like Actress Kristen Bell, Athlete Kobe Bryant and Singer Hilary Duff to curate unique celebrity recommendations.

Amazon Prime

5) Global Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Apart from the influencers featured in the #PrimeLife tour and Prime Day Concerts, other influencers from America and across Europe were engaged to promote Prime Day on their Instagram accounts. Here, Amazon utilised a mix of both micro and macro-influencers.

America | @tiffanyallison7 | @canoopsy

Europe | @ludivine | @cindyvandyck

However, Amazon did not just limit its Influencer Marketing Strategy to America and Europe. The e-commerce giant also engaged influencers in Asia to promote the mega-sale and even organised a meet-and-greet session in India in conjunction with Prime Day. 

Singapore | @thejianhaotan

Videos are courtesy of @thejianhaotan

India | @ashi_khanna | @mr.mnv

Overall, Amazon’s extensive efforts to create an Influencer Marketing Campaign for their annual sale has resulted in an elaborate strategy that successfully integrated all of Amazon’s services in one campaign. Its focus on macro-influencers and celebrities have subsequently helped to expand Amazon’s reach on Instagram greatly as seen by the massive growth in audience numbers since July 9 (the first peak).

Popular Chips

With all the amazing activities held prior to the sales this year, I can’t wait to see what Amazon has up its sleeve next year.


Popular Chips decided to create this series of articles on Amazon Prime Day as its impact on the Influencer Marketing world is substantial. However, we do not condone or excuse workers exploitation and always support employees in their battles for just and fair employment. Read more about this topic here.

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