Amazon Prime Day 2019: A Gathering of Influencers and Celebrities

A list of 45 Influencers and Celebrities who made Prime Day HUGE this year

One of the BIGGEST online sales, Amazon Prime Day, just happened this July 15 and 16!

If you think that this was just any ordinary online sale, think again. 

For Prime Day 2019, Amazon cashed in real big on Influencer Marketing to promote this two-day sale. Using Popular Chips Analytics Platform, I gathered a list of the biggest influencers and celebrities that Amazon engaged for this year’s Prime Day.

Get ready to be starstruck 💫

Amazon Prime Day Concert: Performers and Hosts

1) Taylor Swift  ▪ Performer
2) Becky G  ▪ Performer
3) Dua Lipa  ▪ Performer
4) SZA  ▪ Performer
5) Rita Ora  ▪ Performer
6) Ray BLK  ▪ Performer
7) Tyler Oakley  ▪ Host
8) Jane Lynch  ▪ Host
9) Cierra Ramirez  ▪ Host

Amazon Prime Day Concert: Attendees

1) Ingrid Nilsen  ▪ @ingridnilsen
2) Rachel Martino  ▪ @rachmartino
3) Hang Nguyen  ▪ @hangtw
4) Andi Dorfman  ▪ @andi_dorfman
5) Katelyn Tarver  ▪ @katelyntarver
6) Rachel Iwanyszyn  ▪ @jaglever
7) Ksenia  ▪ @iamksenia
8) Maja Malnar  ▪ @majamalnar
9) Brittany Sky  ▪ @brittanysky
10) Will Njobvu  ▪ @will_njo

The Exclusive #PrimeLife Tour

1) Bre and Matt Sheppard  ▪ @bresheppard and @m_shepp
2) Karlie Rae and Alec Lang  ▪ @karlierae and @aleclang
3) Krista Horton  ▪ @krista.horton
4) Melissa Metrano  ▪ @melisfit
5) Anabelle Blum  ▪ @anabelleblum
6) Yuena Li  ▪ @simplyyue
7) Cynthia Harper  ▪ @cynthia_harper_
8) Terrell and Jarius Joseph  ▪ @terrell.and.jarius

Prime Day Beach Event (Papeete Beach, Italy)

1) Andrea Cerioli  ▪ @iamandreacerioli
2) Luca Vezil  ▪ @lucavezil

Prime Day Contest (New Delhi, India)

1) Manav Chhabra  ▪ @mr.mnv
2) Ashi Khanna  ▪ @ashi_khanna

Amazon Prime Day Celebrity Deals

1) Will Smith and JUST Water
2) Mark Wahlberg and Perform Inspired
3) Jojo Siwa
4) Lady Gaga and Haus Laboratories
5) Kobe Bryant and Art of Sport
6) Zac Brown and Demerbox

Influencers/Celebrities who promoted Amazon Prime Day

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Check out my swag pack that Amazon sent over – My inner foodie is happy! Went a little overboard shopping for 5 of my friends as well thanks to the great deals from Amazon for #PrimeDay! Click on my highlights to check out their reaction 😂 Amazon Prime Day is back bigger and better this 2019! Instead of 24 hours, Prime Day is going to be 48 hours this time, on both 15 and 16 July! There’ll be over one million deals daily across various categories like electronics, home appliances and even everyday essentials so there’s definitely something for everyone! Best part? All my purchases arrived on the same day and there are 2 hour delivery slots for you guys to choose from! I have 6 x $50 giftcards to giveaway to you guys to spend this Amazon Prime Day! Let me know down in the comments below why you wanna win and I’ll pick 6 of you on 14 July 😎 #PrimeDay #ad

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1) Jessica Alba  ▪ @jessicaalba
2) Shawn Johnson East  ▪ @shawnjohnson
3) Jian Hao Tan  ▪ @thejianhaotan
4) Oli White  ▪ @oliwhite
5) Giulia Salemi  ▪ @giuliasalemi
6) Keegan Acton  ▪ @keegantaylor13
7) Jinny Ann  ▪ @jinny.ann
8) Tiffany Allison  ▪ @tiffanyallison7

Prime Day 2019 was definitely buzzing with excitement given how big Amazon went this year in terms of its Influencer Marketing Strategy. In fact, almost 95% of the influencers on this list are macro and mega-influencers! Amazon also enlisted the help of a number of micro and even nano-influencers (which are not included in this list) to spread the word about this two-day sale. 

If you are keen to find out more about Amazon’s Influencer Marketing Strategy for Prime Day 2019, you can check out this article here.


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