Add Hashtags and Mentions to Your Instagram Bio

How Influencers and Brands Can Make Use of This New Function

Instagram announced yesterday that they are now allowing users to add hashtags and mentions to their Instagram bio.

Add hashtags and mentions to your Instagram profile [Image courtesy of Instagram].
According to the social media company, this new feature allows users to “express [themselves] and the things [they] care about”. There appears to be no limit to the number of hashtags or mentions that can be added, as long as it remains within the 150 character limit for one’s profile. Both hashtags and mentions also appear in the web version of Instagram.

What This Means for Influencers

I. Show Users Your Interests

Instead of simply telling other users what your interests are, as an influencer, you can choose to show them instead. Use #makeupartist or #mua on your profile so that users get a direct link to other posts produced on the subjects you are passionate about. This makes your profile more interactive and helps you popularize your niche area.

Examples of interest-related hashtags that can be placed in an influencer’s profile.

II. Display Your (Brand) Loyalties

Influencers who are brand ambassadors and who have long-term contracts with brands can also choose to list their company hashtag and/or the latest campaign hashtags whenever relevant. Maybelline IT girls, for an example, can list the hashtag #MaybellineITGirls or #MaybellinePartner in their bio instead of only in relevant posts. This gives the brand greater coverage and indicates greater brand interest and loyalty.

Examples of brand-related hashtags that can be placed in an influencer’s profile.

III. Show Your Collaborations

If you have any other influencers that you are collaborating with, or simply wish to promote for the sake of goodwill, link the other user with an @mention. While users have been mentioning other accounts in this manner even before Instagram introduced this function, users who do this now will find their accounts linked directly. This means that users no longer have to copy, paste and search for the username listed and can simply click on the link created instead.

What This Means for Brands

I. Promote Brand- or Interest-Related Hashtags

Brands can make use of this opportunity to promote brand- or interest-related hashtags that they use very frequently or that they have created and wish to promulgate.

Example of interest-related hashtag use by an organization

This provides users with a direct link to the posts that have been created and tagged with those hashtags, which increase brand or interest visibility. This is especially important and useful for brands who operate within very small niche areas.

II. Promote Campaign-Related Hashtags

Each brand carries out multiple influencer marketing campaigns in the span of a year. Each of these campaigns should have their own campaign-specific hashtag(s). So why not update your brand’s Instagram profile each time a new campaign comes around? Users who come to your brand’s Instagram page then do not need to scroll through your brand’s most recent Instagram posts to understand what your latest products are.

Example of campaign-related hashtags that brands can place on their profile page (to be updated where necessary).

This helps direct users, especially new visitors to your account, to campaign-related posts and thus aids in increasing visibility for the campaign.

III. Announce Collaborations with Influencers or Other Brands

Brands can update their profile page to reflect the newest collaborations that are taking place with other influencers or brands. Since these mentions must be made within the 150 character limit, your brand should ideally select influencers who are not merely one-time collaborations but those who serve as brand ambassadors and are likely to work with your brand over a significant period of time or those whom you are releasing a capsule collection with.

Brands can also do the same for other brands that they are working with. During the campaign period for the 2017 Fall/Winter Louis Vuitton x Supreme collection, for an example, both brands could have updated their Instagram profiles to reflect the collaboration. This drives traffic from one brand’s Instagram page to another and can increase the user’s exposure to the collection, thus increasing the possibility of a higher conversion rate.

For now, it is clear that most users (both influencers and brands) are not quite making good use of the new function. We have written this article to help you stay ahead of the curve and we hope it has been helpful to you in doing so.

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