The ABH x Alyssa Edwards palette: A review of the week leading up to the official launch

And let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the eye-catching colours on this palette.

The Alyssa Edwards Palette was officially (and exclusively) released on Anastasia Beverly Hills’ (ABH) online stores last night at 9PM (SGT). There has been so much hype surrounding this new palette since the news about the collaboration first broke on May 21.

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The post quickly grabbed the attention of the masses.

The next day, ABH (@anastasiabeverlyhills) released more details about the launch, including the chance to get early access to the new palettes at DragCon LA (from May 24 to May 26).

Fans of ABH and Alyssa Edwards were literally so excited that those who managed to get their hands on the palette at DragCon LA starting doing a variety of makeup looks. Even before the official launch, more than 30 individuals have already been featured on ABH’s Instagram feed in posts like the one below.

With all the excitement surrounding the Alyssa Edwards palette, let’s take a look at what happened on Instagram in the past week leading up to the official launch:

🎉 Alyssa Edwards’ fans took to her Instagram (@alyssaedwards_1) to share their excitement 🎉

Alyssa Edwards’ fans were so excited about her collaboration that the posts tagged with ABH received more likes and comments than her normal posts on average!

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In fact, four of her posts about the new palette fell within her top 10 most engaging posts.

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Followers of ABH went 🥜🥜 over the news too!

The hashtag #ABHxAlyssaedwards became one of the top trending hashtags for ABH in the month of May, even though the news was only released towards the end of the month.

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The posts breaking the news about the collaboration also fell within ABH’s top 10 most engaging posts.

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This is an impressive feat given that on average, ABH uploads three posts a day, seven days a week. In fact, the post below saw 3 times the number of likes and comments compared to ABH’s average.

The two posts were also the 4th and 5th most commented posts of all time, showing how excited people were about the collaboration.

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Posts tagging Alyssa Edwards then became one of the hot topics of ABH’s Instagram, with the third most number of likes and second most number of comments.

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With all the talk about the Alyssa Edwards palette, will we be seeing a stock-out soon?

We’ll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, check out our other article about how The Mrs. West Collection saw massive success subsequent to its launch.

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