Guide to Marketing in a Visual Social Media Generation

It’s time for brands to up their visual content game

A picture speaks a thousand words.

So true, especially so in the current digital era. Although text-based content will still be an integral part of marketing, but for any brands to truly set themselves apart in the market, visual content is a must for those who wish to take their campaign to a new height.

HubSpot Research

While traditional media advertisements still play a part in some brands’ marketing strategy, most brands are switching towards social media as their top marketing platform. Given that 65% of us are visual learners (SSRN) As most of us (65%) are visual learners, it is not surprising that social media platforms provides the perfect medium for visual marketing. Humans are innately visual creatures, we appreciates beautiful scenery, images and we remember them. A recent research has further reinforced this where most consumers ranked social media posts as the content they want to see more in the future.

Social media has created a community and desire in everyone to not only share but constantly on the lookout for the next most Instagram-able spot or beautifully crafted Facebook video to share. Visual graphics (be it logos or photographs) are one of the key contact with your audience; a high quality content that truly resonates will encourage them to discover more about the brand and aid in brand/product recall.

Similar to any types of content, besides being aesthetically pleasing, the quality substance is important as well. Here we will look at how to bring visual content marketing on social media to the next level.

Image content

Image content comes in various forms – from brand’s upload to sponsored influencers’ shots; they can be a flatlay, outfit #ootd, selfies and many more. Which is best? There is no right answer because as long as it is a quality content that resonates with the intended audience, it has succeeded. Here are some examples of creating top social media content through various methods as example, the possibilities are endless!

Go beyond normal, be creative!

There are so many ways to advertise for a pair of jeans; you can be like anyone else and take a full body shot of you wearing the jeans or you can be like @bellywellyjelly and @darylaiden who went a little different with this crazy pose!


Strike an emotion, create a community

Influencer marketing doesn’t have to just be an influencer holding/wearing the product and saying how good they are. Finding the right passionate individuals of your brands can help to create a more emotional brand image on social media, as @jenniferbachdim showed how she enjoyed not just @adidas products but the whole @adidasindonesia team.


Repost, involving your audience

What can be a better way of promoting your brand than having your consumers who likes you talk about you? Brands like @Starbucks and @DanielWellington has created a social community by re-posting their consumers’ Instagram shots of their products and appreciating their contribution on their official account.

Video content


Video content is not to be overlooked. A recent research has shown that 48% of marketers have plans to include YouTube to their content strategy in the coming years! As brands begin to realize the that video content is able to provide more holistic experience and generate higher engagement, many new forms of social media marketing is rising.

An example of using Youtube video as a creative channel for marketing by @HBO ‘s recent launch of Games of Thrones series in Thailand. Youtuber and make up artist @SichenMakeupholic created a full Night King mask make up tutorial which was well received by the local audience.

Boomerangs and IG stories

On Instagram, video content now expanded to include Boomerang content and Instagram stories. Boomerang is a fusion of the best of both still images and videos; a creative and exciting visual representation that influencers and brands are leveraging on ever since its release. Instagram stories on the other hand is still relatively new but many influencers are already using it to provide a more intimate sharing experience with their audience. For brands, Instagram stories can be used to humanize the brand further by showing snippets of behind-the-scenes, employee interview and many more interactive sessions.


Creative video campaign

With the numerous talented influencers and digital creators on various platforms, they are passionate creators in their own fields – beauty tutorial, travel vlogs, comedy, web series. Their endless creativity is just waiting for brands to explore. Find the right one and brands can create engaging video campaign like no others.


Brand Account Feed

Consistency is key and this applies to maintaining a brand’s Instagram account as well. With all the information that social media users are exposed to, it may be challenging for them to remember posts they have scrolled through on their feed, more so for remembering a brand. Hence, it is crucial for brands to develop their own style to differentiate themselves from competition and allow users to easily associate with the brands’ content.

Consistency does not refer to posting the same kind of content repeatedly using the same template but rather, finding a style that is in line with the brand. Of course, brands will also have to first identify what kind of content style is the most suited for their audience before deciding and building their feed style. To end off this post, here are some examples that may spark an idea for you!

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