A quick talk with @johnsgrice – Instagram Influencer Interview

John Grice

Today we are excited to Interview Instagram Influencer John Grice. Please find some quick stats about @johnsgrice and his full interview just below.

John Grice

Username: @johnsgrice
Full Name: John Grice
Country: US
Followers: 234k
Avg. Likes: 5,3k


Describe your Instagram profile, what you post and why.

My Instagram profile is a representation of all the things I love and love to do in my life.

When did you start your Instagram experience?

I posted my first Instagram picture several years ago simply because all of my friends had one. I really got into it once I saw that I was gaining activity. It’s really neat seeing other people’s reactions of our life.

Did you start with the purpose to make it into a job or did it start as a passion that became a job?

It honestly started as neither. It started as a silly little app that I thought only girls did. Now, I try my best to post as much as I can! So it sometimes feels like a job.

How long did it take you to make your first 10,000 followers?

My case is very peculiar. Me and a few friends became Vine famous literally over night. We gained a million followers in four weeks. Our channel used to be called DEM_WHITE_BOYZ. My Instagram gradually gained a few hundred thousand followers over the next couple months. It was a really crazy experience.

What camera/phone do you use to take your pictures?

I take almost all of my pictures with my iPhone 6. However, last week I just bought a Sony a6000 and it shoots beautiful pictures and videos. I would recommend both for anyone.


Do you use filters on a regular basis? If so which ones? If not, why?

I try to use as little filters as possible just so I can keep a sense of “realness” in my photos. When I do I use slumber because I think it looks cool.

Do you cultivate your Social Media presence in other Networks too?

Yes! I have Instagram/Twitter/Vine/Musical.ly/YouTube all @johnsgrice and I have Snapchat @johnstephen y’all give me a follow;)

What’s your favorite Social Network?

I’ve recently loved postign on Musical.ly! It’s so fun!

What kind of people do you follow on Instagram?

I follow mainly just my friends! I usually check Instagram 3 to 5 times a day!

Have you ever bought followers or likes?

No I have never bought followers or likes! Almost all of my followers are from viral content and consistent posting on social media!

What would you suggest to someone who wants to be an Instagram Influencer?

I would for sure say be yourself, BUT, you have to be the craziest and exaggerated you possible! That’s always the most fun and most appealing to others!

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Rafting the gorge

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I'm the one on the left

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Many thanks John for taking the time to answer our questions and good luck!

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