A Little “Spying” On The Kingsman 2 Cast

Kingsman – The Golden Circle is a recently released action spy comedy film produced and directed by Matthew Vaughn. A sequel to the first film, The Golden Circle is set to take place one year after Kingsman – The Secret Service back in 2014.

Ever since its released, Kingsman has been well received by many as it stood in comparison to other films like IT and American Made (with Tom Cruise). It is currently in the second place among the three films and well have a high chance of taking over the lead. Unlike American Made, Kingsman is popular among the younger audience with over 66% under the age of 35.

Here we did a little spying on the casts’ social media to uncover some interesting facts for your Monday read!



Taron Egerton – Eggsy Unwin (Galahad)

Actor Taron Egerton plays the role of Eggsy, the lead agent of Kingsman. Unfortunately, he does not have an Instagram account! However, Egerton updates his Twitter regularly with snippets of Kingsman behind the scene and photos with other cast members.

Colin Firth – Harry Hart (Galahad)

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You guys ready? #colinfirth

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“Manners Maketh Man”

Colin Firth plays the role of Harry Hart, the beloved mentor to Eggsy who was killed in the previous film. (Spoiler) He make his unexpected return in The Golden Circle and resumes his unforgettable role of Agent Galahad. It’s such a pity that Firth does not have an Instagram or Twitter account; fortunately he is well liked and fans have created numerous fan accounts for him!



Halle Berry – Ginger Ale

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Ready for tonight's opening of #KingsmanMovie!

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American actress Halle Berry is 51 this year and she definitely does not look her age at all! She play the role of Ginger who works under the secret agency Statesman. Similar to Merlin, they are both the behind the screen tech expert that gets the whole team going. At the end of The Golden Circle, Ginger however got the official role she deserved, as a full fledged agent.

With over 2 million followers on Instagram, Berry is an absolute stunner, just take a look at her feed! Berry is well loved by millennial fans as they make up more than 59% of her followers (statistics from Popular Chips).

Channing Tatum – Tequila

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Agent Tequila was the first contact that introduced Eggsy and Harry to the Statesman. An action packed first encounter between them definitely got viewers seeking for more but Tatum only made a couple of appearance in the film. However, his presence was definitely a bonus to many. Having starred in over 40 films, his breakthrough role was actually from a dance film, Step up back in 2006. With more than 15 million followers on Instagram, Tatum keeps his followers updated and sneak peeks into his daily life.

Pedro Pascal – Jack Daniels (Whiskey)

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Pedro Pascal plays the role of agent Whiskey, who was a quite an impressive fighter in the latest Kingsman film. As a modern cowboy, Whiskey has a combination of six-shooters and a very versatile electric whip!

However, he was not what he appeared to be as revealed in the plot twist towards the end. Pascal, who many might have already realised, also portray the role of Oberyn Martell in the fourth season of Game of Thrones.



Julianne Moore – Poppy Adams

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American actress Julianne Moore has been particularly known for her portrayals of emotionally troubled women in various films. In The Golden Circle, she plays the role of Poppy Adams, a much twisted character who is a lady boss of an entire drug monopoly and a fan of meat mincing humans! Age is probably just a number for Moore as the 56 years old lady is still as beautiful and elegant.

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Moore is well loved by fans all around the world especially so in United States (21%), Brazil (14%) and United Kingdom (7%) which are the top three countries that her followers are from.

Elton John – himself

English singer, pianist, and composer Elton John plays himself in the film but with a huge twist. He was a kidnapped singer forced to perform in his fancy feather outfits (there is even a snapchat filter!) for Poppy Adams. He eventually fought back and helped defeat the evil forces with agent Harry.

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And away we go……..! @davidfurnish

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Elton is happily married to Canadian Filmmaker David Furnish and are fathers to two cute boys. It is not surprising that David is Elton’s top mentioned account and the posts feature the happy family times.

Poppy Delevingne – Clara Von Gluckfberg

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Model and actress Poppy Delevingne plays the role of Clara, girlfriend to nemesis Charlie. Eggsy was tasked to approach Clara in The Golden Circle in an intimate scene. It was a scene that actor Taron Eggerton was uncomfortable to shoot and required Poppy’s husband on set to assist.

Top mentioned account by Poppy Delevingne – Statistics from Popular Chips

Some major sister love here, Poppy’s top mentioned account other than her latest work (Kingsman) is actually her sister @CaraDelevingne!

Kingsman for a good cause, #OrangeJacketChallenge

Eggsy’s iconic orange suit in the film was one outfit to remember. In fact, @helpforheroes teamed up with Kingsman to launch the #OrangeJacketChallenge where various celebrities took up the challenge to style in the orange tux. The tuxedo jacket will eventually be auctioned off to support its cause.

With a little help from the listening tool on Popular Chips, here are the top challenge posts!

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