9 Amazing Facts About The FIFA World Cup

Less than 2 weeks left till the start of of one of the largest sporting events in the world and I bet all of you are hyped up! Even if you aren’t that interested in football, you will definitely hear of your family and friends talking about it. We will share with you 9 facts about the World Cup to amaze them!

Here’s a quick introduction to the competition for those unfamiliar!

The FIFA World Cup is a mens’ international football competition held every 4 years where 32 countries face off against one another for their nations’ glory. You might be wondering aren’t there like close to 200 countries in the world? Where are the rest?

Well, qualifying rounds are held way before the actual tournament to ensure that only the best 32 are left for the final grand stage. With footballing superpowers like Italy and Netherlands unable to qualify for this World Cup, its seems like qualification ain’t all that easy and is an achievement in itself for some countries. Here’s a quick chart to know which countries will be making the trip the Russia!

FIFA world cup competing groups.

Let’s take a look at the World Cup through our analytical Popular Chips eyes!

Almost half the world population watched World Cup 2014!

The World Cup reached a whopping global in-home television audience of 3.2 billion people and more than one billion tuned in to watch the final match. In comparison, the 2017 Super Bowl was watched by a measly 111.3 million. The viewership of the World Cup is only expected to increase so we are excited to take a look at the final figures this year!

The World Cup Trophy is made from 5kg of gold.

World cup trophy made from 5 kg worth of 18K gold.

Weighing a total of 6.175 kg, the highly coveted World Cup trophy is made from 5 kg of 18K gold. Some have said that it is likely to be hollow, however, as it would have been 70-80 kg if solid, which would have defeated the purpose of the trophy, which is to be lifted!

For those of you who aren’t sure what it’s supposed to be, the trophy depicts two human figures holding up the earth.

Majority of the fan base is male and Brazilian.

Despite more women playing soccer around the world, the majority of the fan base of the World Cup is male which shows the continued male-oriented nature of the sport.

The country distribution of followers is well balanced around the world which shows the worldwide popularity of the competition.

Brazil, however, has a significantly higher percentage compared to other countries which can be explained by the Brazilians’ natural love for football or as they call it, futebol. It is also worth noting that the previous World Cup was held in Brazil so there would have been greater exposure of the competition in the nation.

4 of the top 5 following countries are not represented in the World Cup.

It is interesting to see that out of the top 5 countries following the official FIFA World Cup account, 4 are not being represented in the competition. The national teams of Indonesia, US, India and Italy have not been able to qualify for the World Cup, yet, their countries are strong supporters of the competition. We wonder which countries they will be rooting for.

The World Cup 2018 mascot was designed by a Russian student.

Mascot for the FIFA World Cup 2018, taking place in Russia.

The mascot for the upcoming World Cup, Zabivaka, was designed by a student from Tomsk State University, Ekaterina Bocharova. Zabivaka, which means “The One Who Scores”, garnered a 53% nationwide vote and was selected among other amazing works. Despite the mascot being destined to become a worldwide star, Bocharova received only $500 USD for her work. However, we are sure Bocharova is more than happy for her own newfound fame!

Sponsors are staying away from World Cup 2018.

With the corruption scandal in 2015 tarnishing the reputation of FIFA, sponsors are reluctant to partner with the organisation and previous partners like Castrol, Continental and Johnson & Johnson have severed ties. Although some longtime sponsors like Coca-Cola and Adidas have stayed, it is a concern for organisers of the World Cup as fewer companies overall have signed sponsorship deals compared to the previous World Cup.

If you have a few hundred million lying around, the opportunity to publicise your name is still open!

Almost double the tweets for World Cup compared to Super Bowl

If you thought that tweet creation during the Superbowl was amazing with 382,000 tweets per minute, the previous World Cup crushed it with over 612,000 tweets per minute when Mario Gotze scored the winning goal in the finals!

Number of World Cup searches greater than the combined number of searches for three major sporting events!

It has been reported by Google that the number of World Cup searches was greater than the total number of searches during the Tour de France, Super Bowl and 2012 Olympics.

World Cup 2014 was the biggest event in the history of Facebook.

Generating over 1 billion interactions, the previous World Cup was the largest event in the history of Facebook. Bet Facebook is smacking their lips for the upcoming World Cup where they will be expected to rake in greater ad revenue than before.

Let us know if we have missed out any other interesting facts about the World Cup!

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